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Some Thoughts on Twitter Video with Some Text Additions

A few additions
I use Tweepi (free) I use Pluggio (paid first level) The latter enables me to schedule tweets and to edit and rearrange as well It also selects follow candidates on the basis of criteria I enter My criteria are mainly writers and related terms
Do "we" have influence I believe we do I can tell mainly by the way that language used with some care presents modes of assent to propositions Most of my noticing has been in terms of reaction to tweets regarding  cities and transportation Plus some in terms  of philosophy
I think we have been in synch with a move to cities and a movement from hard-line religion to a more universal spirituality
The Slow as Molasses Press

George Clooney is right and the NYT is in lockstep with idiots

Heard the News on George Clooney? This Much Is True: He’s Livid -

The NYT is often looney As in its headline re: George Clooney Instead of recognizing harm it succumbs to its fell charm
Heard the News on George Clooney? This Much Is True: He’s Livid - "“I totally disagree with George Clooney” about The Daily Mail, the British comedian John Cleese wrote on Twitter. “They are much, much worse than that.”"
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The Slow as Molasses Press