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The Theory of Now Is Simple and Direct

The Slow as Molasses Press

The theory of now is simple and direct

For us there is only now

Now is the only context for considering reality

Time progresses and signs are like frames on a film 
linking what is past to now

Semiosis describes a varying number 
of simultaneous events
relating to conscious perception

Because now is all there ever is
the notion that one is captive to the past
is false

Because now is all there ever is
the future is always at best a guess

Mindfulness is the capacity to evaluate
and react to
the now

The now is never one moment

The now is the flow of time in nanoseconds

Freedom is the acceptance of the flow

The theory of nowism is 
that history is the product always
of reactions to the now

The basic inference of nowism
is that continuity is 
inherently progressive
And that freedom is most intense
when continuity is experienced

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