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Explaining Winning The War Within

The Slow as Molasses Press
Stephen C. Rose's original sonnets follow Shakespeare precisely in meter and rhyme scheme Yet their contemporary themes and lack of punctuation signal something deep and new You meet not only the author but yourself.Rose's sonnets range from a description of profound loneliness in cyberspace to a remarkable testament to post-postmodern faith and reason Winning The War Within is a profound, accessible meditation about what we can and cannot know and winning the continuing battle within.

The binary beast is the binary nightmare

The Slow as Molasses Press
The binary beast is the binary nightmare that cannot reach beyond twoThe binary beast cannot seecannot thinkof the evil it puts us all through
The binary beasttells Ukrainian rebelsto fire at things they can't seeAnd if a child diesleaving only a notebookThey gulp out their innocent plea
The binary beastis demonic and smoothand can harness a President tooIt can harness a nationto be blind to allthat the power of THREE can do