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Reiterating Triadic Philosophy in Three Minutes

The Slow as Molasses Press
Triadic Philosophy is easy. Intuitive. Free. Past commercialism. Past religion. Honest. Common Sense. Revolutionary. ANd indeed seismic. Earth-shaking. Because now is its time. 
And all the strands that need to be brought together will be brought together. 
It's originators are mainly dead, but they live in the philosophy. 
My friend Will Campbell thought this way. 
Nietzsche heralded the overturning of two-thousand years of binary values. 
Charles Sanders Peirce articulated the philosophy that undergirds it. 
And humankind is at last ready to take up the challenge. It's called responsibility. Owning the world we live in. And thus transcending and saying NO to the binary systems of power that keep saying we cannot oppose or escape. 
We can oppose and escape with triadic philosophy, even as explained in this little video.