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The Non-Copyright Method of Publishing

The Slow as Molasses Press
Non-Copyright Notice I have elected to offer all of my writings via Amazon Kindle. This is not unusual. Many writers do the same. What may be unusual is that most of my offered books lack any notice of copyright. Those that do were originally published elsewhere. I have several reasons for rejecting the copyright route. I have no interest in litigation about anything. Jesus advised not going to law and I think I know why. His simple, doable way of living was anathema to the lawyers of his time. Binary contests of any sort are a perpetuation of a condition that needs to change. I would be flattered at any reproduction of my work with or without copyright. Should someone take my work and claim authorship the problem would be the taker’s and not mine. In general, attribution is the welcome quid pro quo. This notice permits unlimited use and also makes circulation via translation simple and potentially unlimited. Finally, we are at a watershed moment in terms of how …