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Look at things in threes

The Slow as Molasses Press

Looking at things in threes means that any train of thought you have does not need to stop at two. Thought starts with a sign that rises up in your mind, generally related to a sense or a feeling. Remember that light that goes on in old comics, to signify a thought?
If you just have that feeling and the next thought-step is action, you are giving up the most precious quality we people possess.
Freedom. The freedom to choose among alternatives. How can you claim to have freedom with only a two-step thought process? You can't.  
For example:
You feel dizzy as you are walking from bed to bath in the middle of the night. A light goes on in your head, but you keep on walking. Without considering! And you end up taking a serious fall.   
Freedom has no role in that little story. We call such results accidents. But they are really the product of not looking at things in threes. All triadic considerations involve a crucial second step before acting.
What is this secon…