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We need a triad that makes sense for now

We need a triad that  makes sense for now
That triad is Reality Ethics Aesthetics
We'll explain

Not either-or
We cannot progress individually or planetarily without moving past binary thinking. Binary thinking stops at two. It contains little or or no thought about ethics. It clings to one side of something until the other side collapses and then it declares victory. Until the other side gets up the strength to to fight some more. This is the stuff of fiction and the sad result of fact. It is like a disease. It eats away at the fabric of hope.
If either-or is the only answer, thinking is merely a matter of remembering what you believe. But if all you believe is that you must strike out and if the result is harm,  you are engaged in a closed loop, based on either-or.
Either do this or do that. Never a third option. Or another way. Or an alternative. Whether we are talking of an individual or a group, things tend to come down to either-or.
There is one big  reason the binary way fails. It fai…