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Seek daily forgiveness

The Slow as Molasses Press

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Triadic Primer

There is an offer that was made to the world 2000 years ago by an itinerant carpenter who happened to believe he could converse with Reality itself. The man was Jesus. The Reality he named was Abba.
Jesus faced down the temptation to do glitzy miracles. He thought they were offensive and tacky. Instead, he spent his days doing two simple things: forgiving and healing people. Some legends suggest that he did some strenuous miracles. He fed a lot of people and he appeared on the surface of a stormy lake. But there are a lot of legends about Jesus. The healing and forgiving were for real and the proof lies in the bare-bones story, first set down for posterity in what we call the Gospel of Mark.
In that story, Jesus began by suggesting that things would become heavenly if people would honestly repent of the harm they had done. He called this the good news. (Mark 1)
Jesus then used his abilities to heal, with one important caveat. Mos…