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Know What Good and Evil Are

Good and evil are simple enough. But it makes sense to clear up one huge misconception. Good is values not virtues. The word virtue crops up 253 times in Aristotle's Ethics. Values are barely mentioned.
The highest goods and the most egregious evils are related to the achievement of freedom, truth and beauty at the top and the avoidance of the ascending levels of harm at the bottom. We human beings are a spectrum of good and evil. Just look at the following hierarchies to become aware of the incredible mix of good and evil we are.   

Hierarchy of Good
1. Being loving and free
2. Acting and expressing for truth and beauty
3. Valuing Non-idolatry
4. Valuing Democracy
5. Valuing Helpfulness
6. Valuing Tolerance
7. Contributing to the community
8. Being responsible
9. Critical thinking
10. Self-respect

Hierarchy of Evil
10. Thoughtlessness
9. Selfishness
8. Judging others
7. Ganging Up
6. Excluding
5. Intolerance
4. Opposing democracy
3. Unhelpfulness
2. Causing injury
1. Killing