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Tolerance and other core values

When I look at the dismal Acura ads

When I look at the dismal Acura adsand at the bodies of the newest carsI see them as parodies of a once wonderfulpast that is past its primeThe phrase 'last legs'goes through my headI will not live to seethe demise of the automobile and the end of oilbut my grandkids will

"Capri Thoughts from “The Visionary” — Medium

Books: Art: Gifts: Slow as Molasses Press

A Distorted Cap Video - Beyond the Selfie To Amor Fati

Well, my cap is a bit distorted. But I am not proud.Within the speech of this video you will hearsome comments on amor fati which was the termNietzsche used to denote a life that is lived in the nowa life that is loveda life that embraces reality

Books: Art: Gifts: Slow as Molasses Press

The State - from "Abba's Way"

A video that discusses the 60s reparations struggle and the decline of liberal Proptestantism

Boston Car Wars - The First Published Explicit Anti Automobile Fiction

If cars are history sometime in the futurethe book that is discussed in this videowill be the first salvo. The Boston Car Wars (1987), Stephen C. Rose Slow as Molasses Press