Conscious thought is real

Triadic Philosophy, 
infant though it is, 
senses that conscious 
thought is real 
and that it is the only arena 
within which  a small band 
of freedom holds sway. 
And that small band of freedom
 is ihe capacity 
to choose among 
the values that make for 
progress or regression 
according to 
the ways that we think. 
Unless this is the case 
I would assume 
that the entire 
house of cards falls 
and that there can be 
little hope for humankind. 
Perhaps if language 
can be called metaphor, 
one might surmise 
that something like 
conscious surmising of signs 
might take place. 
. I myself think thought 
is conscious and 
that good (at least) 
is real. 
And that 
without the freedom 
to choose 
there is little or nothing 
that we can call freedom. 

The Slow as Molasses Press

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