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Conveyance within triads

I suppose the best thing about Pierce was that he thought in threes. When it comes to how this actually takes place in the real world I have a sense of a line in the sand between the sorts of abstract thinking that take place beyond the ordinary world of this and that. In the latter world Triadic Philosophy believes that triads are real and, yes, they do contain and convey and process information. For example. If what Pierce calls the Icon or First is those two reflected lights, no wait four, that I see in my window, as visible as the desk lamp they reflect, they are indeed real. Just as the sound of me scratching my head is real. Now if I have decreed to myself that the Index or second consists of four terms that make sense to me as ethical benchmarks, it shows (me) that a Second or Index can and does contain information. It is interposed between Reality and the Third in the triad which is Aesthetics (the conclusive element which will soon contain information derived from the incipi…