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Memories banging. You always found. Leave you. Or take you. See you around. #fromdylannotesone
I still have scars and still am so sorry. We are now both alike. #fromdylannotesone Alone. Oh, not to disturb. Ah! And you. And no, no, nothing that’s  left here will do. #fromdylannotesone Still in the feel. A line was crossed time cannot steal. #fromdylannotesone Not my problem any more, babe. #fromdylannotesone Measuring time until time is no more. #fromdylannotesone #Cybercommunities would be like life – schools, education everywhere. All city amenities. Good conscience is strong and bold. #frombouquet The way to the future is a moral evolution to greater tolerance, helpfulness and democracy. #Cybercommunities We’ll rest when binary is through. #frombouquet Nothing I can tell you. It’s still supposition. ‘Less you got it true,  it’s kind of a vision. #fromdylannotesone The final step is Aesthetics: the acts and speech that power most things. #frombouquet Sometimes two minds can become o…