Military Malfeasance, Afghanistan and National Sanity

In the post WW2 era 
we have been prey to military malfeasance
We cede vast power to generals 
some sane some questionable 

Our conduct of wars has been 
largely non-productive and 
vastly wasteful of lives 

The tragedy is compounded 
by the fact that 
none of the wars 
we have fought have 
yielded up a vastly better result 
than if we had 
never entered them 
in the first place. 
True in Vietnam 
True in Iraq 
True in Afghanistan

Our military malfeasance 
obligates politicians to 
play along 
even when they know 
they are being conned
The choices are never good 
Hawks want to 
paper over malfeasance 
with more and more war 
Non-hawks need to 
paper over 
their incredibly bad judgment

All of us are culpable

Chelsea Manning is 
the sign and seal 
of our malfeasance
She had the fortitude 
to expose it 
She is now being made 
into a martyr 
by President Obama

As Commander in Chief 
the President should repent 
and free Chelsea Manning 

I say this as one who 
supports the President 
and who has contributed 
and will contribute to 
his effort. 

His behavior 
in this instance 
has been shameful 
and he owes it 
to the country 
to free Manning.

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