Time To End The Human Rights Scandal of Child Soldiers

allAfrica.com: Uganda: No End to LRA Killings And Abductions (Page 1 of 4) : "Joseph Kony and other members of the LRA's senior leadership face arrest warrants from the International Criminal Court (ICC), yet continue to commit atrocities. LRA forces attack population centers and club civilians to death and abduct children for use in their forces. Since 2008, the LRA has killed over 2,400 civilians, abducted 3,400 others, many of whom are children, and displaced over 400,000 people from their homes."

Go to the link above for more indications of the gruesome continuation of one of the globe's most atrocious crimes - the impressing of children into military service and the results in human carnage and death. Kony is a despicable war criminal who should be in the Hague and on trial.

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