Fissure in the GOP could be terminal

Obama, Republicans Struggle to Reach Budget Agreement - NYTimes.com: "But many conservatives immediately assailed Mr. McConnell’s proposal as a panicky sell-out, much as they in recent days had attacked the House Republican leader, Speaker John A. Boehner, for privately discussing with Mr. Obama a debt-reduction deal that could raise revenues as well as cut spending — ultimately forcing Mr. Boehner to retreat." The spoiled brats of the GOP will not even listen to Boehner and McConnell anymore. They are on a tantrum-tear. They do not care if the nation goes to hell in a hand basket. But with both Boehner and McConnell ready to deal, it will be time for a grand slap in the face and "grow up" to these malcontents. We need no more Gingrichism in America.

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