Mencken was the disciple Nietzsche did not need

From Mencken's introduction to his translation of Nietzsche's The Antichrist:
In brief, what he saw in Christian ethics, under all the poetry and all the fine show of altruism and all the theoretical benefits therein, was a democratic effort to curb the egoism of the strong--a conspiracy of the _chandala_ against the free functioning of their superiors, nay, against the free progress of mankind.
The use of the term chandala which refers to a low caste Indian who was regarded as the dregs of society demonstrates Mencken's animosity perfectly.
Today's political conflicts demonstrate that it is values and not social standing that actually determines progress.
Retrograde values reside at the very top of the economic and social ladder and are freely chosen by all manner of humankind.
The higher ontological values of democracy, helpfulness, tolerance and non-idolatry reside in all individuals and dominate the passage of time whether we recognize them or not.
Those who choose these higher values are the true force of  progress.
I think Nietzsche might well have changed the views which enabled Mencken to engage in the slavish discipleship noted in the above quotation. 

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