The No-Taxes GOP Is Playing With Treasonous Fire

What would amount to treason in today's political realm? Very simple. The GOP refusing to allow the ill-advised, credit-guzzling, debt-creating Bush tax cuts to expire. And generating global financial crisis on the false premise that the GOP is working to attain fiscal responsibility. In a pig's eye it is.  The President surprised Boehner by accepting real deficit reduction - four trillion worth - in exchange, essentially, for going back to the way things were before George W. Bush sold us all down the river with deregulation and no-pay wars. The GOP no-tax voice of Eric Cantor - honed by expensive elocution lessons - will not work. Cantor is mouthing smooth Nixonian lies. Boehner knows if he, Boehner, stands up. he will face a challenge from the this nitwit.  Boehner should stand up. He should go to the wall, He should stand with Obama. Then watch little Eric fold like a little card table. Eric has had his moment and now it is his turn to leave,  tail between legs, every hair in place. Otherwise the GOP will not merely be guilty of idiocy and hypocrisy  but of playing with treasonous fire from which the country may never recover.

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