Note To Core Integral Abba Is Creating The Global Spiritual Awakening

Here's how. Abba is in everyone. More and more people are seeing that creeds do not cut it, that way if life is where it's at. More and more are understanding that values, willed values, tell the tale. More and more are seeing that the virtues we have thought were values are just what they are - virtues that can be respected but not willed. Values are inherently what we act upon. You do not act on heroism or honor though these may characterize your attitude and inclinations. The active values of spiritual awakening are those Jesus made manifest in the Gospel of Mark. They are first non-idolatry - placing Abba first and worshiping nothing and no one. The three active values are democracy, helpfulness and tolerance. These interact and with non-idolatry create progress in the world which is what Jesus was and is about. The notion that you can organize a global spiritual awakening is fatuous. The movement is massively bigger than any individual or organization. That is its power and its potential for victory.
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