Obama's Big Leadership Moment is Coming

That is actually a pretty easy thing to say because it has not come yet, most would agree. My reading of the leaves as I write is that his instruction to the Congress to resolve this is not resulting in anything but the idiot Cantor taking the politics pejorative and trying to make it his own. Polarized as ever. The big leadership moment for the President is the time that he does Philadelphia 2. 

The Republicans are his second Reverend Wright.  Obama needs to treat them just the way he treated Wright in his Philly speech. In other words he has to talk about them and him. He has been the target all along. The GOP doesn't give squat for anything but throwing Obama out. Everyone knows it including the President. The leadership moment is not one of anger. It is a considered once in a century speech on what the last two years has shown us. I think it may come this week. Or later. When it does is the President's call.

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