Placing Abba and Abba's Will First

We do not take Jesus seriously. But his words cannot be ignored. Jesus says a prayer, teaches it, lives by it.

Thus: Let Abba's realm come. (Thy kingdom come).  Here. Now. Abundant, neighbor love-intensive, not given to display, eschewing hypocrisy. The whole nine yards. Not difficult if you know Abba within.

A civil polity

One that is humble before the challenges we face.


When Jesus uses the verb come, it means that the realm is never fully realized -- until earth and heaven are the same.

Also, the realm of Abba embraces every soul on the planet. So it's cheating to say your life is heavenly while the world goes down the tube.

Abba embraces the millions who live in prisons. It embraces Mr. Hayward. It embraces the Tea Part folk. It embraces the Obama folk.

It is no respecter of anyone.

Your will be done. Let's see. Where do we begin? In actuality, it is in following a way that we begin to understand the will and to do it. Acts of helpfulness. Acts of tolerance. Acts that spread democracy (nonviolently). Acts that manifest a rejection of idolatry. Jesus summed it up. Get yourself together. Then love the one next to you as you love yourself.

Extend this to all and you get the idea.
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