There is a vast difference between genuine personal religious experience and blaring it out to get political advancement

Michele Bachmann: Hearing The Voice Of God As Mental Illness Symptom - Digg: "The Republicans who pander to the Religious Right and evangelical extremists by constantly referring to their credentials as Christians are ignoring the Constitution (no surprise there), but the real danger is that they claim to have heard god tell them it is time to run for the presidency of a secular nation."

Everyone can and should converse with Abba since Abba is within everyone and stands ready to be a guide and friend. But the notion that you call Abba God and claim he said this or that to advance a political goal in public is tacky display and the worst sort of violation of Christian precepts. I think most public use of the word God in or out of church would be frowned on by Jesus. See the Gospel of Mark for proof.
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