Barriers to scientific community

"Perhaps the greatest impediments to this development of scientific community, at least in Peirce's opinion, were hubristic ego, especially expressed as a lack of humility, perhaps including not even sufficiently acknowledging the impact of the work of others on his own, or misrepresenting it as, for example, so many "thieves of Peirce" have done; or this putative scientist-philosopher hasn't a real desire to learn the truth, in other words, he has some other motive, like advancing his career, acquiring fame & fortune, etc.

"Peirce famously says that logic is rooted in the social principle, tantamount to saying, at least in one sense, that reason and reasonableness, philosophical and scientific accomplishment necessarily require the creation of 'communicational communities'."

From a post to a Pierce discussion group. Cap tip Gary R.

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