Beyond Pattern Language: Cyber-cities evolve from ecumenopolis and pattern language

Pattern language is too diffuse a term these days to be of much use 
It  was originally way of looking at building things naturally with human beings in mind.
Today that the demands of commerce trump pattern language as originally promulgated

Now opposed to this person-ignoring commerce is the idea of the cyber-city

The cyber-city is a cluster of cyber-communities
A cyber-community is an intentional gathering pf persons who want 
to have all elements of a city within walking distance
A cyber-community is up to 10,000 persons living and working and being educated and healed within a square mile on no more than four levels

A cyber-city is a cluster of some ten cyber-communities

Cyber-cities are the human units of the global ecumenpolis

Out of the original pattern language and ecumenopolis the cyber city evolves

Ecumenopolis was the term used by the late C. A. Doxiadis to denote the coming urbanized world 

Today there is a confusion about what a city is 
People still believe that cities should be ranked by their greatness 
and that only such great cities can actually be real cities

The truth today is that any place can be a city

And should

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