Imagine real neighborhood schools

Learning should begin with the curiosity and will if the child
School has everything backwards
Great children are stuffed into regimented boxes to be moulded by great teachers
We need schools that are entirely child driven
Where kids can walk among various kiosks where there is one affable, computer savvy expert who likes kids for each kiosk
There is a big screen
The affable person brings up the most original video on learning this or that that she has ever discovered
A few kids hang around to watch.
A walkable community with kiosks of this sort is a viable alternative to education that is reified and factory-based
We need to start with the community and get the cars out of the actual space where people live
A community of 10K can exist in an area with a mile diameter
And no more than four stairless levels
In such areas children can create their own education and discover their own interests and talents and move at their own chosen speed
(To reprise a lyric)
None of this will happen until people insist that the present system is broken

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