The language of freedom has been appropriated by those who would do us in

Let me be specific
The killers in Somalia who are preventing the exit of dying people
The inflexible people in our own Congress who somehow managed to hijack both narrative and agenda
The Koch spawn who explicitly regard themselves as messengers of liberty
The reason they would do us in is that in every case it is my way or the highway
And when that is true liberty is a sham
Liberty requires tolerance and a commitment to democracy
It can never be perfect because it is the product of compromises in all relationships
The forces mentioned in the first lines above are oblivious to these values
They are therefore inimical to liberty and are in fact trying to do us in
Because liberty is life itself and - as our liberty is threatened  - so too is life itself
The picture on the front page of yesterday's NYT is the sign that we must read in order to gird ourselves against the forces representing not freedom but tyranny

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