Memo to the White House: The Issue is Obama not the Economy

The economy is what is known as a self evident
Obama is what is known as a conundrum
Everyone knows the 2008 change agent
Now we need to know the change agent once again 
Since he has tasted the uncompromising racist bile of the enemy
In that contest we need the Obama of Philadelphia 
To reprise the story of the last two years
I trust the President to write that speech himself and to deliver it 
With the apposite timing that was Philadelphia and Tucson
People understand that the GOP has stalled the economy and why - to defeat Obama

The president once brushed off the fatuous the Hillary effort
He can brush off the recent past
But not without understanding that it is he not the economy that is the issue in 2012
He must personally unravel the conundrum he has become 
And explain how he sees an America beyond the great divide
He has not faced that because it is a scary move beyond oil and corporate dominance
Daley does not understand this Plouffe maybe a little
Obama knows it but has not faced it
I know it
Obama must speak it
Otherwise we will be delivered into the meaty hands of Bush 3
And the jaws of hell

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