Millennials have every right to be disinterested

Are millennials cut out for this job market? - CNN.com

It's a good sign not to be interested in this job market
Work itself as a commuter nine to five reality is an absurd way to achieve aims that are not in themselves a form of make work
Supercomputers could do what a thousand folk in cubicles do if they were properly mandated
We have tried to fit cyberspace to reality when we should be doing the reverse
The wave of the future should be living and integrating what people do with the way they want to live
People should be able to contribute to a job what they will to contribute
The rules of jobs should be made more specific and more a matter of individual agreement about hours and such
The notion that one size of anything fits more than one ignores the will to personalization that is at the center of consciousness
I would not want to work to sustain a world of sprawl big oil and overpriced education and construction
I would not want to do infrastructure unless it tended toward the car free
We are at the beginning of a time when all our attention to the micro will inevitably start to affect the macro
When that happens nothing will remain the same and jobs might just be fun
Not to mention productive and helpful to others
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