None of these education solutions will work

What's Your Single Best Idea For Reforming K-12 Education? - Yahoo! News: "But while plenty of wealthy businesspeople agree the education system needs their support, there is little consensus on what to do. Some people like the Waltons are big supporters of charter schools, which now represent 5% of all public schools, up from 2% a decade ago. Others like Michael Milken and Bill Gates think hiring and training better teachers is the best solution."

Create a cyber city that is secure and pleasant to be in
Car free
With diversity and room for work and commerce
Entertainment and play
Turn everything into kiosks operated by one or two persons
Make curiosity the reason why education works
Make the student seek it out by offering
Choice and freedom to move in one's own way
In short a society must function to make education possible

Ours functions as a product of our advertising corporate melange
A society that functions propery will promote community
Community can hardly exist in a sprawl culture
Therefore education fails not merely because kids can't read
But because the ones who can are indoctrinated
By advertising to idolatry of consumption
That is a lethal value

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