This is the least of Perry's sins

Did Rick Perry Turn Texas Public Schools Into Creationism Indoctrination Centers? | TPMDC: Gov. Rick Perry's claim to a child in New Hampshire Thursday that Texas public schools teach both Creationism and evolution would come as a surprise to educators and students across the country. The Supreme Court had the last word on this in the 1980s when seven justices ruled that teaching Creationism as fact violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

Let's get this straight. We know he is playing the religious right game. We know he is playing the secession game. But all of this is dross and tinsel because underneath it all this is Bush 3 and that is what should strike fear into every American with any memory. Everything he does is for political effect. He serves the big corporations with big oil (Koch et al) at the center of the ruling clique. He is the same reflexive and obedient servant that W was and the result is unalloyed evil and we forget that at our peril.

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