Beyond our current scientific horizon there is always correction

Revised August 10 2012

Beyond our current scientific horizon there is always correction
Beyond our current scientific horizon vagueness obtains
This can all be observed in what is visible as movement
whose permutations cannot be fathomed or yet explained

JK Alternative view Point - State news: "For two-and-a-half millennia, many philosophers have supported the view that infinity is an imaginary concept which has no actual existence. Hegel arrived at a dialectical proposition which can be expressed like this: you can always imagine an unending series of galaxies following one after another, but in concrete reality, at a certain point, quantity turns into quality and a new phenomenon emerges. Whatever existed before is negated. From this point of view there may be many galaxies undiscovered, or many universes beyond our own – it is speculation – but at some point, some other property will arise that ends the tedious repetition, whether of galaxies or universes, the conception of which is beyond our current scientific horizons."

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