I wasn't radically changed by 9/11

If I had to pick my 9/11 
It would be the time of the three post JFK assassinations
Malcolm, Martin, Bobby
That ushered in what was to me a minor dark age
An almost daily betrayal of hope

I saw Barack and 2008 as an effort to break that spell
His Presidency reveals the depths of what we were trying to defeat back then
The dismal inexorable hold of the principalities and powers
The very jaws of hell before our eyes every day

I had a Malcolm-like reaction to 9/11
I need not spell it out
9/11 happened blocks from me
It was a beautiful day
It seemed consistent with the time we are still in

I do not think we will be out of this minor dark age
Global democratic revolution succeeds 
How soon 
I do not know
In the United States 
Piecemeal perhaps 
Around the world

It will happen wherever enough individuals embrace
Tolerance and helpfulness
Democracy and non-idolatry
And light a true flame of freedom
A nonviolent
Revolutionary flame
To move earth
A few centimeters toward heaven
Global Online Privacy
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