Salient Comment on Where have all the jobs gone?

Where have all the jobs gone? - CBS News:

"Technology is getting so advanced, it is replacing jobs. This started a long time ago, and when it started, a lot of people were worried that computers and technology would actually accomplish this. They were right. . . . If you have any doubts about this, just do a little reading about present-day Artificial Intelligence . . . . AI. If you think your job is not threatened by AI, you might want to update yourself on what AI is doing nowdays. So . . . now that the rich have the means to produce without having workers, do they still have the right to say that if you do not work, you should starve? Not everyone can be an AI programmer. I say we are on the cusp of a great change in society and the way things work, and, we need to find a way to adapt to it, without letting the fascists take over, nor letting common man become so lazy and complacent that he lets the fascists take over. . ."

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