The deceleration was not unexpected in these parts

Recession Nips At The Heels Of A Slow-Poke Recovery : NPR: "This deceleration in growth has been as sudden as it was unexpected. During the second half of last year, growth was nearly 3 percent. By the first half of this year it fell to almost 1 percent. An economic recovery seems to have come and gone before most Americans even realized it was here."

The reason is that when this all began the story was never understood. We hit the magic point of the end of oil, the end of cars as the economic driver, the end of detached housing and sprawl as the way we would eventually live and this began to open eyes to the distortions and dysfunctionality created by the age of oil. If this is Greek to you, I am sorry. I have been on this case for fifty years and it is such poison to the oil powers that be - think one percent - that all one can do is keep saying it until the 100th monkey tumbles.

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