The Cap Tip Club - note to friends and followers

Dear friends, family, acquaintances, Twitter followers, LinkedIn folk and Facebook and MySpace friends - if I left someone out, you are included.

ShortTermContent at Blogger publishes things that warrant more than a casual tweet or microblog. Thus far I have only dipped my toe in the river of content this model could bring forth.

Clearly the next step is the creation of a Cap Tip Club - a means by which you in your own thinking and travels can ensure that your observations or quotations will be published in a form that will ensure that it is listed in the Search Engines and read by more than a few people. This is not yet a massive traffic destination but I know it has influence because of what I hear here and there - ideas that were launched here that have been "picked up" as it were.

The Cap Tip Club will have a full time editor. That would be me. All it takes is the use of email to inform me of what you want said and your permission to present it in a way that makes sense to me. My typical credit will be a Cap Tip - a tip of my CAP (the acronym means Congregation of All people) - to the author, using whatever designation the author desires. Full name, moniker, whatever.

Just send an email with your suggested piece to steverose@gmail.com and I will take it from there. In time I will add all those who like me are willing to use their actual names online to a Cap Tip Club list that I'll publish so it appears on every page.

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