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.There's no "right food" for everyone.

There's no "right food" for everyone.  No regimen that works for all  The only thing we all have is Abba Not seeing that leads to our fall

When we let binaries work on the mind

When we let binaries work on our minds Resulting conflicts create double binds The secret is to think always past two The answers lie between Abba and you

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The spark that entered Darwin's train

The spark that entered Darwin's train And subsequently entered us Was trampled and reviled and dissed The spark was called Abba by Jesus

Time To End The Human Rights Scandal of Child Soldiers Uganda: No End to LRA Killings And Abductions (Page 1 of 4) : "Joseph Kony and other members of the LRA's senior leadership face arrest warrants from the International Criminal Court (ICC), yet continue to commit atrocities. LRA forces attack population centers and club civilians to death and abduct children for use in their forces. Since 2008, the LRA has killed over 2,400 civilians, abducted 3,400 others, many of whom are children, and displaced over 400,000 people from their homes."

Go to the link above for more indications of the gruesome continuation of one of the globe's most atrocious crimes - the impressing of children into military service and the results in human carnage and death. Kony is a despicable war criminal who should be in the Hague and on trial.

3 Political Quatrains Obama King David Taliban

The President does not accommodate
He watches and he waits and yes he wins
But by the time he does you've turned away
Your cycle ends as his begins


2 Samuel 24:17 And David spoke to the LORD when he saw the angel who smote the people, and said, ... these sheep, what have they done? Let your hand, I pray you, be against me ...

Dear David there's no angel here
Thanks though for your thoughtful note
But please stop saying we are sheep
It's bad enough out here just being smote


We'll have the last laugh on the Taliban
If we just get our messages correct
Get off the battlefield and use our heads
I'd volunteer but no one's called me yet

After Revelation of Taliban Negotiation Imposter, Taliban Commanders Laughs at U.S. - The Daily Beast

The Inside of an Infinite Horizon

The inside of an infinite horizon Describes the scope of our vision inside Monotonous as what we set our eyes on But  yielding wonders an unceasing tide

Transparency won't weaken anyone

Transparency won't weaken anyone The greatest strength is honesty We're weakened by the lies we've done Which in due time all come to see

Avenging deaths a thousand fold is dumb

Avenging deaths a thousand fold is dumb It matters not whose lips convey the threat Without proportion war is sure to come Such threats presage the world's most losing bet

Tom Winship type editors are few and far between

The Slow as Molasses Press

Tom Winship type editors  who know how to  cut through everything and  keep eyes on prizes  are few and far between  But still small voices  continue to speak  in the consciousness  of every last human being on earth  In hopes of getting through  Tom Winship edited  the Boston Globe  well before  it was thrown under the bus  by the New York Times.

Female Journalists Around The World At Risk

The Slow as Molasses Press

Female journalists around the world at risk Bravely venturing into the killing zones Wanting only to tell us the truth From the deathly realm where terror roams