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C. S. Peirce Created an Evolutionary Philosophy

Essential Peirce Volume 1 | Introduction "Peirce's philosophy does not consist of a set of static doctrines, thought up and written down once and for all; its development over his more than fifty years of scholarship appropriately represents his Darwinian motivation. Not only did he think of himself as working out an evolutionary philosophy, one that includes humankind as part of the evolving natural world, but his writings illustrate his personal commitment to the principle of evolutionary growth." 
Excellent introduction to C. S. Peirce.

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Jon Stewart on How Politics Now Shapes Reality (Video)

And I suppose we must add that the Supreme Court is our most politicized institution. As Willie Nelson once said in another connection that's not the way it's supposed to be.
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Get Ready for No August Social Security Checks if GOP Has Its Way

Obama says he cannot guarantee Social Security checks will go out on August 3 - Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "President Obama on Tuesday said he cannot guarantee that retirees will receive their Social Security checks August 3 if Democrats and Republicans in Washington do not reach an agreement on reducing the deficit in the coming weeks."

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Our Safety Net is Full of Holes - John Moore (Video)

John Moore: Surviving the U.S. Recession — BagNews: "y. We are proud to provide this window, to draw attention to a recession that may have ended on paper, but in practical terms, continues to plague so many Americans. Also, we are pleased to offer this forum to a compassionate and truly gifted photographer so highly attuned to the voices of humanity. — Sandra Roa" If you believe the GOP, give this a watch. This is a picture of our country after the GOP has its way. Then get cracking and see that the GOP is defeated now, before it is too late. Watch this video.

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The No-Taxes GOP Is Playing With Treasonous Fire

What would amount to treason in today's political realm? Very simple. The GOP refusing to allow the ill-advised, credit-guzzling, debt-creating Bush tax cuts to expire. And generating global financial crisis on the false premise that the GOP is working to attain fiscal responsibility. In a pig's eye it is.  The President surprised Boehner by accepting real deficit reduction - four trillion worth - in exchange, essentially, for going back to the way things were before George W. Bush sold us all down the river with deregulation and no-pay wars. The GOP no-tax voice of Eric Cantor - honed by expensive elocution lessons - will not work. Cantor is mouthing smooth Nixonian lies. Boehner knows if he, Boehner, stands up. he will face a challenge from the this nitwit.  Boehner should stand up. He should go to the wall, He should stand with Obama. Then watch little Eric fold like a little card table. Eric has had his moment and now it is his turn to leave,  tail between legs, every hair…

Not a bad McCain imitation if a bit over the top (Video)

Who is this guy?
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McCain has never had to worry about knowing when to fold

Does John McCain Still Have a Gambling Problem? - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "A cursory search for material on McCain and gambling ends with material posted in 2008. So the answer to the title question is, I do not know. But the words below, unchanged, suggest that if there is no problem now, he reformed after dropping the election to Barack Obama. I do not detect that in his other activities."

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A Few Snapshots of Wlliams College (Video)

Crucial Decisions of One's College Years (1957)

Adam Crashes into the Wall of Unrequited Love 1957 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "But let us ask what it was that propelled Adam, fresh from his heady summer experience, to relax back into an academic routine that involved almost no classes and a year with Portia that was, as suggested, light, romantic and tactile, at least until it proved impermanent?" From my semi-fictional memoir.

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Syria roundup that you won't get on most US media

We Should Clear Out of Syria Shake The Dust from Our Feet

Clinton says Assad has 'lost legitimacy' - Middle East - Al Jazeera English: "Clinton says Assad has 'lost legitimacy'" Shake the dust from your feet is the most sage advice ever given and it was Jesus himself who delivered it. It applies to every abusive situation and is a compelling reason for why freedom of movement should be a universal human right and nations should be divided in terms of their granting of that right. Shaking dust is the equivalent of deliverance from evil.

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Death in Kandahar who can you trust? (Video)

Afghanistan needs to fight everything out on its own

Influential brother of Afghan president killed at home | Reuters: "Reuters) - The younger half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai, one of the most powerful and controversial men in southern Afghanistan, was shot dead at his home on Tuesday by a senior and highly trusted bodyguard, officials said." Now the situation is more fluid than ever. Eventually no one will remember we were there. This is like a Faulkner novel about an impenetrable family whose relationships are too complex for an outsider to fathom. We have our own problems and not enough brains trained on them to permit a reasonable solution.

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Corporations will buy the election of 2012 if we don't stop them

The Supreme Court has given corporations the rights of individuals in what is a theological travesty and an admission of tangible evil into our political system. 2012 is about fighting back.
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Corporate Dirty Work Should Be Investigated in Advance

I am tolerably convinced that all companies have a "jaws of hell" option which emboldens them to hire criminal sorts to do any dirty work they need done. Since the jaws of hell involves violence and death, it is understandable that nicer sorts suppress the impulse to blow whistles or even express fears. We now know that the Murdoch empire is in the jaws of hell realm. Even when death is not the result, the lethal is never beyond possibility. I hope that we are emboldened  by the Murdoch fall to consider this delicate area as a prime subject for "regulation" in the future. Advance regulation. Advance whistle blowing. Corporate enterprises of any sort are inherently inclined to amorality and immorality, merely because of the workings of pride and power and lying and other elements of gradual corruption. Democratic revolution has to do with lessening these evil tendencies and reducing the lethal impact of power and privilege. Did you know that in the US poverty is rig…

If this is funny. excuse me while I barf

Our problem isn't narcissism, it's big oil and infra-unworkability

We Must Be Superstars: "Besides, if those psychologists are correct, and our culture is increasingly deluged with narcissism and entitlement, we might really need pop’s poses and costumes to help us navigate it—to have songs that feel out the dimensions of ­every last way to think you’re hot shit." Infra-unworkability is my made-up term for the fact that what pop is dealing with has not even touched the scratch that is really itching everyone. What is wrong has to do with the entire setup of the globe and its trajectory toward oil-induced suicide if we do not shape up. Start by thinking infra-unworkability.

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Lowering the age for social security might be smart

I'm not going on any reading retreat

Mildred Purse - Beacon Hill, Boston
My books are part of me and if I want to get social I will do it without taking my library along. That's final. 
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Contrarian wisdom lower the social security retirement age

Deficit Predators: Everything You Need to Know About the Twisted, Dangerous Debt Ceiling Fight | World | AlterNet: "If you wanted to build on that, the right steps would be to lower – not raise – the Social Security early retirement age, permitting for a few years older workers to exit the labor force permanently on better terms than are available to them today. This together with a lower age of access to Medicare would work quickly to rebalance the labor force, reducing unemployment and futile job search among older workers while increasing job openings for the young" More than one way to do whatever one does to whatever.

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Reading Retreats Suggest A Massive Sacrifice of Privacy

3quarksdaily: "So why not plan a vacation devoted exclusively to reading? Twice annually, Bill Gates schedules a week-long 'reading retreat' during which he does nothing but pore over the books and papers he's set aside during the year." The idea that one needs a social basis for reading strikes me as a massive invasion of privacy. If reading is essentially the great opportunity we have to fathom things in the precious privacy betwixt ourselves and the text, the notion that this can and should be turned into a social outing is ludicrous. There is nothing more private and rewarding that one's intimacy with a book. Well maybe one thing. But that makes my point.

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Crossroads Africa Art For The Heart (Video)

The Rev. James H. Robinson was founder of Crossroads Africa in the 1960s

Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store 

The Rev. James H. Robinson Visits Williams College 1956

Adam Meets the Rev. James H. Robinson 1956 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "One evening in 1956, Adam came to know himself somewhat better. His outlook and future began to come into focus. A reason for his past aloofness seemed to emerge. He had been waiting for a connection he did not have. Not until the cold evening at Williams when he encountered a minister named James H. Robinson. I shall try to explain."

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