Republicans Are Crazy Not to Take Obama at His Word

As our credit rating is being gnawed at by Wall street sorts and the Republican wingnuts are talking loud and signifying only hatred for Barack Obama, the President has made an offer of a compromise that would do both parties proud and increase our financial security around the world. That truth is getting lost as people try to puzzle out what sort of a hit we will take by continuing to act as we are acting now. It is time for Boehner and McConnell to shape up and knock heads and for Congress as a whole to reach an historic agreement that solves the debt crisis with a four trillion lop in expenses and the polarization crisis with a return of fair taxes to the rich. This is what the American people desperately want. And neither party will look good if this goes on much longer.

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Why do poor whites continue to vote for people who have no interest in their welfare? (Video)

Because the Republicans are expert in doublespeak and saying are for what they are against - like jobs and recovery.

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The hateful wing of the GOP may be teetering

Huckabee Palin Gingrich - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "The truth is that Obama's smallest worry is that Huckabee and Palin and Gingrich are acting like mean children on a bully tear. Telling lies about the President. They are asinine and beneath contempt. They are no more harmful to Obama than Hannity was and FOX remains." The current debt ceiling mess may isolate these types and see them put down by a bipartisan pox on their hateful and divisive ways.

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Are Bush and Cheney getting away with the war crime of torture? This report says so.

Getting Away with Torture | Human Rights Watch: "This 107-page report presents substantial information warranting criminal investigations of Bush and senior administration officials, including former Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and CIA Director George Tenet, for ordering practices such as “waterboarding,” the use of secret CIA prisons, and the transfer of detainees to countries where they were tortured." 

Most media in the US are giving this short shrift and no wonder. The Obama administration has avoided the issue of prosecution for these torture-partisans. The report suggests that we've been asleep at the wheel.

Keith on Citizen's United Apposite and Needed for 2012 Strategy

DNC should not be sanguine about exceeding financial expectations

Obama, DNC Raise $86 Million - The Daily Beast: "The Obama machine has quite the leg up: The president’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee raised $86 million between April and June, exceeding their goal of $60 million. The number is nearly triple the money raised by the GOP candidates so far." Citizen's United trumps all fund raising. The Supreme Court has given the right the right to regard their corporations as human beings and at the same tome to be exempt from the liabilities normally associated with human criminality. This is justice according to Scalia and Thomas and company. The Citizen's United decision gives billionaires the freedom to write anonymous checks to the extent that they have billions to spare, outspending Democrats all over. We need to make Citizens United and the Supreme court the main issue in the 2012 campaign.

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Fissure in the GOP could be terminal

Obama, Republicans Struggle to Reach Budget Agreement - NYTimes.com: "But many conservatives immediately assailed Mr. McConnell’s proposal as a panicky sell-out, much as they in recent days had attacked the House Republican leader, Speaker John A. Boehner, for privately discussing with Mr. Obama a debt-reduction deal that could raise revenues as well as cut spending — ultimately forcing Mr. Boehner to retreat." The spoiled brats of the GOP will not even listen to Boehner and McConnell anymore. They are on a tantrum-tear. They do not care if the nation goes to hell in a hand basket. But with both Boehner and McConnell ready to deal, it will be time for a grand slap in the face and "grow up" to these malcontents. We need no more Gingrichism in America.

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DSK pardon my French (Video)

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Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case Should Not Crumble

Dominique Strauss-Kahn Accuser’s Detained "FiancĂ©" Speaks - The Daily Beast: "One of the most important and controversial characters in the complicated—some would say crumbling—criminal case in New York against erstwhile French presidential contender Dominique Strauss-Kahn is an illegal immigrant from Sierra Leone convicted on a drug charge and held in an Arizona detention center. Although police and prosecutors have kept the detainee’s identity secret, Newsweek/The Daily Beast has now identified the man as Amara Tarawally, 35, and yesterday spoke with him at length." No one has more of a credibility problem than DSK himself. Take this to court unless DSK is willing to admit to something and pay some restitution. If he gets off we will just be witnessing the same old same old since the beginning of recorded time.

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Electronic war is still war and we should think twice

Electronic Warfare Moves to Frontline as U.S. Plans Troop Drawdown | Common Dreams: "BANGALORE - As the United States draws down troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and cuts back on defense spending, its reliance on technology will only rise, benefiting a clutch of companies specializing in intelligence gathering, surveillance and reconnaissance." Excuse me. We should think three times. 1. How neat. No dead bodies on our side. 2. But two can play that game. 3. There must be somewhere out of here.

Dualism is the bane of all understanding

New Testament Dualism - Podcast - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "New Testament Dualism - Podcast Based on the book 'Beyond Creed: From Religion to Spirituality'" Dualism divides everything into twos. Thinking naturally moves to threes unless one has been convinced that there are never more than two options and that there is no way forward. Please note that this podcast will start when you open the page. I cannot control that. Sorry! You can pause it easily though. Enjoy.

Lennon is closer to the gospel of Mark than the creeds are (Video)

Jesus is lost in the creeds struggling to get out

The Historical Jesus and Christian Preaching: "Scarcely ever have I heard a sermon about what Jesus was like as a historical figure, or about his purpose as he saw it, or about the way he related to the society of his own time." To rescue Jesus we should start with the gospel of Mark, the earliest canonical gospel. Where the real Jesus emerges as an iconoclast, a teacher, a healer, a provocateur and above all a blasphemer. Without understanding Jesus's blasphemy you cannot understand why he was killed. Or what he wants from us.

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High speed grid could be 40 acres and a mule and work this time around

Obama High Speed Internet Grid Could Turn Economy Around - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "If you do nothing more Sir than the grid / The future will thank you for what you did" Imagine the nation completely altered in terms of population. Population evenly distributed because cyber-cities can rise anywhere the grid is strong. Warming fears subside but the shore is not as attractive as it once was. Deserts bloom. Sprawl is frowned upon. The future beckons. Even sleepy entrepreneurs are exercised. The way to the future is beyond oil and beyond the automobile.

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In essence if a larger deal is necessary facts favor it (Video)

Apropos the mini-deal, if it is clear that it will imperil the S and P rating, it will edge in the direction of the Presidents big deal. So the GOP remains trumped.

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Big deal or mini-deal the President wins either way

Why Obama's pushing for a mega-deal - CNN.com: "So, Mr. President, go for a big deal -- the country needs it -- but in the event that a mini-deal is the best you can get, it is far better than a default. Keep some wiggle room, please." Gergen is probably right. The hypocritical GOP does not really care about anything but beating Obama. This is unpatriotic and suicidal for the Republicans. By proposing a meda-deal and being willing to do it, Obama has made any small deal look merely like a necessity because of the intransigent GOP. The intransigent GOP is therefore the loser.

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Glenn Gets It Wrong Social Justice Is The Goal of Existence (Video)

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Seeing Jesus when we have no accurate evidence (Podcast)

Seeing Jesus - Podcast - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Seeing Jesus - Podcast
Podcast Based on the book 'Beyond Creed: From Religion to Spirituality'" Please note that this podcast starts immediately on opening the page. Sorry I cannot control that. You can press to silence it immediately. Otherwise, enjoy. This is an informal "reading" from "Beyond Creed".

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Obama on Equal Rights For Gays (Video)

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