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Frangoulis, Theodorakis best version of this classic Greek poem Sto Perigiali {Denial)

Dimming day in a dimming time what's the house who's the you (Video)

Mr. President before you authorize nuclear energy watch this little video

Women did not enter politics overnight

There was a time when women in politics were not portrayed as crazy

Girls Gone Mad: the Wild-Eyed Lunacy of Bachmann, Palin, Pelosi, Clinton . . . Etc. — BagNews: "Attacking female politicians by making them look crazy is bad politics and bad strategy. It levies an argument every bit as specious as the positions the images are designed to critique, and it does so in a way that perpetuates outdated stereotypes about political women." You have to be old enough to remember the names of Margaret Chase Smith and Maurine Neuberger. Some women like Bachmann and Palin court the crazy label and in my view are as fair game as Richard Nixon and LBJ were, no more no less.

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The dismal end of built-in obsolescence

Irony on irony. The talk of recovery. What is lost will not be recovered. And that is a happy thing. When I was a teen we talked about built-in obsolescence as something new. An era of craft had petered out and was succeeded by mass produced products that were destined to need replacement, so we were told. Now I see the shoppers in Macy's and wonder if i am wrong. I don't think so. The figures back me up. Everything points to the fact that we are not spending money because we no longer want a new model every year, a new fashion every season, a new generation of product every year. This means that we are miles ahead of the business schools. We will spearhead the sunset of the corporate world with its no-liability perks and its affluent exploit class. Within five years the talk of big bonuses will have receded. We may even be beyond the market as we know it. The economy of the future will value human beings not as corpses to be manipulated from birth to death but as thinking, fr…

Just another indignity of our Tea Party dominated social environment

The Pros and Cons of Taking Citalopram - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Recently, it has been reported that 118 million prescriptions of antidepressants are written annually. There has been a sharp 48% rise in prescribing mental health medications since 1995. Though this seems outrageous, the grim reminder that at least 50% of African-Americans don't seek psychiatric help points out the ever-present social stigma and lack of political attention to those disadvantaged Americans."

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Hunter speaks a cure for lugubrious sermonics (Video)

Hunter Thompson is laughing in heaven

An Alarming New Stimulant, Sold Legally in Many States - "“There were some who were admitted overnight for treatment and subsequently admitted to the psych floor upstairs,” Dr. Narmi said. “These people were completely disconnected from reality and in a very bad place.”" The NYT has found another alarm to sound. The NYT rarely says anything about car carnage. Or the evils of our War on Drugs. Or the fact that drinking creates vastly more rage and psychotic behavior than we acknowledge. Most of it hidden under a domestic cloud. The NYT likes the illegality solution evidently. It works so well you know. Dr, Narmi is now our info-channel for what we ought to fear. After Iraq, that makes sense. The NYT blew that one too. Hunter, wherever you are, we'll save some for you.

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All coming down just as we said

Congressional GOP Leaders Slowly Convincing Newer Members of Importance of Raising Debt Ceiling - Reid Wilson - "Privately, House Republicans have been driving home the message that a failure to increase the debt ceiling would be a disaster. Sources said Boehner has been 'aggressive,' in one aide's words, in articulating the need to reach a deal." So now it is suffer the little Congresskids to come unto Papa John and Papa Mitch. In the end this will probably get done because the ignorance among the opponents of the measure is so monumental and the consequences to their careers are considerable. There is no heroism in idiocy.

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Tangled up in Spotify the beast is satisfied

So I got my Spotify invite. Not sure if it was because I complained or resubmitted my address after failing the first time. But you will find the requisite information here. Be my guest and complain here is you do not get your free invite. I am listening to Tangled Up in Blue. Wasn't too hard to find, but I sense that I will not find every Dylan song on this or any other cloud - least not for free. I will probably pay because I believe in this kind of thing. I actually believe I should be paid too, but that won't happen for a while. We have work to do. 
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Spotify how to video while I await my free invite

If it's a short process why hasn't Spotify sent me my invite yet

Want a Spotify US Invite? Here is how you get it. | LinkedIn "Last week, Spotify launched in the United States with much fanfare. Many of our readers pinged me asking for get an invitation to Spotify’s music service. Well, I talked to some folks over at Spotify and now have figured out a way to get you an invite. Fill out the form aka just addyour email and get an invite. Simple as that! The invitation form is here. Spotify is sending out invites every 15 minutes so this should be a fairly smooth process." Either a glitch or they're taking their time or they have identified me as someone who would probably pay, which is true. Still this LinkedIn piece is deceptive since I thought it was about a workaround, not what I have already done.

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PS this little Google thing is quite delicious

Sheryl Sandberg & Male-Dominated Silicon Valley : The New Yorker: "Later, Sandberg would tell people that Facebook was a company driven by instinct and human relationships. The point, implicitly, was that Google was not. Sandberg seemed to have insulted some of her former colleagues. “She could have handled her departure more crisply,” a senior Google official says."

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Just in case you are Facebook illiterate

Sheryl Sandberg & Male-Dominated Silicon Valley : The New Yorker: "“It was like dating,” says Dave Goldberg, Sandberg’s husband and the C.E.O. of the online company SurveyMonkey. Sandberg says they asked each other, “What do you believe? What do you care about? What’s the mission? It was very philosophical.”" The New Yorker is in the business of giving us a world that can support both corporations and - what? I have forgotten if I ever knew. Nonetheless texts find their way here and if you are curious this may help bring you up to speed.

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ALEC is the name of what corporations want to do to finish us all off save as consumers of the junk they decide we need

The Conservatives' ALEC Philosophy: Everything Related to Government Should Be Demonized, Starved or Privatized | Tea Party and the Right | AlterNet Don't kid yourself. This is what this is all about. It is two forms of happiness fighting. One is life as we have known it. Chronologizing our way to a better future by milliseconds and nanosteps. And then there is this reification machine that wants us to be Dostoyevskian piano keys blinking somnambulently at the screen and feeding our dying corpses with corn made by Archer Davis Midland. This is the sick option. It is the GOP option. It is the jaws of hell closing on us. And they have preempted the language of freedom to describe its slavery. To ALEC I say ---- off!

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Good let's do it except I'm allergic to horses

3quarksdaily: "They argue that it’s time to delve into our olfactory past, trying harder to understand how people experienced the world with their noses - and even save scents for posterity." Sure I want to smell the past. And that is as far as I will go. There are limits to public disclosure and smells are intensely private. I will say that I do love the smell of a box hedge and leave it at that. I hate the smell, sight and knowledge of the detritus of muggy smog-filled oil-saturated carbonified automobile excrescence. No more well-being in that realm.

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Imagining our future might require a look into our past

The Image that Will Never Appear - Associated Content from Yahoo! - There was a time when buildings had no more than four levels and where streets were not filled with cars. And when a city did not have to be millions sprawled about for the convenience of a car culture if not for human beings. This was not necessarily any better than our time except that it made sense for the creation of communities. And creating community is a necessity in any society that cherishes depth, vibrancy - a sense of life. In the future we will need to look back and recover elements of the past we have lost and integrate them with technological capacity to build new four level communities where people can walk to what they need to get to. Since that is now possible, it is what will be.

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Don't read this if you are a good-natured follower of Harry Potter, etc.

The Vampire Takeover that Failed - Associated Content from Yahoo! - All vampire stuff should fail along with everything that depends on ignorance of how things actually are. We spend millions on vampire stuff and nothing on remaking our communities so they work for children and the elderly. The same goes for Tolkein, Harry Potter, the racist Lion King and the king of all erroneous cultural suppositions Jesus Christ Superstar.

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Say yes to car free and sustainable and no to cars nuke plants militarism and corporations

Rebuilding Means Starting Over from Scratch - Associated Content from Yahoo! - It is not Luddite but the heart of an entrepreneurial inventiveness to affirm the headline of this piece. We need to abolish the corporation because it is an excuse for inhumanity that we do not need. We should make liability universal and behavior accountable. We need a new world understanding. And we are people so we have the power to make it so. That is what global democratic revolution is about.

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Hitchens offers the best statement of faith out there vastly better than TBN (Video)

Religion is indeed doomed and what we see walking around are its shrouds filled with emptiness.
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