Discontent with incumbents reaches unprecedented high

New poll hints Congress could see a shake-up in 2012 | The Ticket - Yahoo! News: "According to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, 63 percent of those surveyed say they are inclined to 'look around' for someone new to elect. That's the highest anti-incumbency number ever recorded in the poll, which dates back to 1989." Good. I hope the only ones returned will be those who stood by the President on the coming budget showdown vote.

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AP has read the situation well

President's debt offer: risky but could be win-win - Yahoo! News I would call it win win win. Obama wins if the deal passes. He wins if it loses. He wins in 2012 either way. And every resistance from the GOP from nnw on will be a market buster and a source of growing national censure.

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Daily repentance is not a sign of weakness but of strength

Repentance How To - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com One of the weirdest things about Christianity is its failure to make the Lord's Prayer central. The linked text is the prayer in verses which can be used daily. The reason why it should be used is that the world operates on the free energy of forgiven people. And the only way to become free is to be sory for wrongs done and ask Abba for forgiveness. When we forgive others Abba forgives us. This is necessary daily. Strange this is not standard. Even stranger it is not universal.

Hope really does spring eternal in human beings

Beatitudes Pitch - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: Hope is a default mechanism in every human being. Jesus came to remind us that change is possible.
Mo0st things we now see as products of progress are things that Jesus prepared the way for by both speech and action.

The Florida governor should be put in jail for privacy invasion

Florida reportedly sells drivers' info for $63M - CBS News: "Florida reportedly sells drivers' info for $63M" This is the most disgusting story I have read all day.

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What no deal actually means

Boehner, Obama talk big deal - Carrie Budoff Brown and David Rogers and Jake Sherman - POLITICO.com: "After weeks of winding negotiations, the White House and GOP leaders are discussing a deal worth more than $3 trillion with changes to entitlements and a promise to do tax reform, according to people familiar with the talks." It means Boehner is telling the Tea Party folk what a victory they will win if they go along. And that Obama understands that. So no deal. But this is the endgame and if the Republican and Democrats cannot put a majority together it will be the biggest political failure ever in the history of Congress. Read between the lines and see if you agree with the analysis.

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It's true I stopped doing HuffPo more than a year ago

From Huffington Post to Yahoo Associated Content with No Regrets - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com HuffPo material boasts of many thousands of bloggers who work for nothing. I moved to Associated Content when HuffPo would no longer give me posting privileges. It had already removed my material from any featured status. Associated Content paid and I believe in payment to those who produce content online. Why then this blog? Because Associated Content is not partial to short form content - particularly news. I am very partial to it. The fact that I can have a few ads here gives me some sense of compensation. And Google is more receptive to material from its own platform than it is to Associated Content material. That is manifestly unfair, I feel, but it is the world we live in,

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Supposition and knowing are not the same thing

Supposition Posits Something -- a Quadpome - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com Knowing is hands on. Empirical. Experimental. Scientific. Supposing is exactly what is suggested. It lays out what one guesses or believes or infers is the case. The relationship between supposition and knowing can be very close of very distant. In the realm of theology one might wish to put the greatest emphasis on knowing which would have a basis in experience.

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Let's cut to the chase and deny poor and Blacks the chance to vote

11 States Trying Really Hard to Keep Poor, Black, and Student Voters From Voting | | AlterNet This is what these wonderful bastions of democracy are doing. It is almost as if these Republican bigots are looking for a fight. Is it too forward to hope that they get one. Sooner than later.

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Intrade crowns Perry

Among bettors, Perry now bests Romney for 2012 nod - Washington Times: "Texas Gov. Rick Perry may not have formally declared his presidential candidacy yet, but bettors on the news-futures website Intrade already are giving him the same chance of becoming the 2012 Republican nominee as former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the presumed front-runner." I think Perry is the one candidate designed to ensure that Barack Obama will exceed his best estimate of the max he could get in political contributions. The man is Bush II.

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Another bit of scribble from me

BEYOND CREED - iUniverse One of my three self published books at iUniverse. I kind of like the page

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Believe me when you read you are going farther than you or I realize

Per Caritatem: "But Blanchot goes even further: he problematizes the pharmacology of the text by putting into question the question of writing and its relational distance to and from non-subjectivist ethics." I love Per Caritem site and understand about half of what she writes. But I'll add this. Words make us who we are. Their power is more immense than we imagine. And the responsibility for their use is no less than the responsibility of any other act. And in a sense we get the same pass that we give to corporations.

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Just in case you thought we had a scintilla of flexibility

Boehner And Grover Agree: Letting Bush Tax Cuts Expire 'Would Be Raising Taxes' | TPMDC: "Grover Norquist has walked back his claim to the Washington Post that allowing Bush-era tax cuts to expire would not count as a tax increase, and now the Speaker of the House suggests Grover's views are neither here nor there -- he opposes letting even some of the Bush tax cuts to expire." The Grover and John Show. I like it. The saga of two public criminals who are so likable that they get a pass even when they rape and pillage and bully and get into drunken rages.

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I was wondering what happened

Cenk Uygur says he left MSNBC because they don’t ‘challenge power’ | Raw Replay: "Uygur recalled a viewer who told him, “Watching Cenk on The Young Turks is like watching a tiger in the wild. Seeing him on TV, is like watching that same tiger in a zoo.”" Gosh I thought they hired Sharpton as his replacement. I am not sure I would want to work for these folk.

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ProPublica pursueth Pakistan influence peddling in US Congress

Revealed: Man Sought in Plot to Influence U.S. Politics Is Prominent Figure in Pakistan - ProPublica: "Campaign finance records show that Ahmad donated $2,000 to Rep. Joe Pitts, R-Pa., on Sept. 13, 2004. (Pitts was upset by the news Tuesday and donated the $2,000 from Ahmad and another $2,000 from Fai to charity, his office told the Lancaster Newspapers in Pennsylvania.)" Go Pro Publica! Where is the NYT?

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Here's a nice Malaysian song which I hope bodes well on the human rights front (Video)

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Malaysia has a serious human rights problem to deal with

Malaysia: Free ‘PSM 6’ Opposition Leaders | Human Rights Watch: "(Bangkok) - The Malaysian government should immediately release six leaders of the opposition political party Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) who are being held without charge under Malaysia's draconian preventive detention laws, Human Rights Watch said today. Charges should also be dropped against 21 party members free on bail who were arrested for engaging in peaceful political activities, Human Rights Watch said." Best thing to do in this situation is all eyes on Malaysia so spread the word.

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Merko-Sarko deal hold your breath

Germany, France Reach Deal On Euro Debt Crisis : NPR: "The leaders of the eurozone's biggest economies held last-ditch talks for seven hours in Berlin Wednesday amid mounting pressure to come up with a wide-ranging solution to Greece's debt problems and prevent the crisis spreading to much bigger economies such as Spain or Italy." If you are waiting for Europe to implode, hold your breath. France and Germany are making nice and trying to calm the waters. Sort of nice that leaders are not as dominant as they were a century ago. No world war in the offing. Then again ...

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Just in case you think you won't get hurt

How a US default could hurt you - 1 - federal debt ceiling - MSN Money: "If the government fails to raise its borrowing limit by Aug. 2, the impact on consumers could be deep and wide-ranging, from rising interest rates to a stock market sell-off." Thanks in advance Eric.

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If you thought Wall Street was through jerking you around

NYT: Wall St. makes fallback plans for debt crisis - Business - US business - The New York Times - msnbc.com How can we make the most from this disaster? Hey, we thought it would never happen, right? But then we figured it would make no difference, All we have to do is hedge, as it were. There's still time to find other people's money to do it with.

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In case you think fallibility is not bipartisan

FEC says Edwards should repay $2M in federal funds - politics - More politics - msnbc.com: "Federal auditors said the campaign understated its cash and overstated its expenses. Edwards' attorneys said the Democrat's campaign doesn't owe anything." Or that lawyers do not fight their own cases.

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I like records made this way (Video)

The House That Never Was

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The only optimistic GOP Senator in captivity

Chambliss' long quest for debt pact starts to pay off | McClatchy: "Sen. Saxby Chambliss always knew the Gang of Six was close to breaking major ground on a plan to help solve the nation's debt crisis, if only he could get his friend, Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn, back to the table." I always knew there was a reason to have McClatchy among my sources.

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Feeding at the breast of credit

Hullabaloo: "Shred the credit cards of every single American, and you would have riots the very next day. And in fact, that very explosion of credit in the United States that both keeps the pitchforks away from investment bankers' mansions in the Hamptons and makes those mansions possible, is part of what has driven the world economy into recession." Your daily woe dose.

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You didn't think the GOP was gong to allow Dodd-Frank to stand did you?

Dodd-Frank One Year Later: Slow Progress On Rules Amid Industry And GOP Onslaught The GOP is the incarnation of George W. Bush. Any evil you can imagine they will do. After all, it is regulation that is screwing up the whole economy, right?. Just enable a few more deaths from food poisoning or faulty imports and all will be well. Did you ever consider that this nightmare could be over by sucking it up and walking to the polls with ten of your best friends and voting these zombies out of office?

Triadic Philosophy is a specific mode of thinking.

Triadic Philosophy 
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It starts with anything
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This anything is Reality.
It takes whatever this is
and examines it in the light of
tolerance, helpfulness,
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This examination is Ethics.
It then considers a result.
The aim of this decision
is to add to the fund of
truth and beauty in the world.
This consideration is Aesthetic.
This thinking is conscious
and it can become habitual,
an approach to your daily round.


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Schools aren't so delightful down in Chile

Chile: Students Take Over Schools Demanding Education Reform · Global Voices: "For over a month, students in Chile have been in control of hundreds of schools throughout the country, turning their classrooms into temporary homes while they demand free and higher quality education."

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Why doesn't Gallup ask if people would be willing to cut their jobs some to see that everyone who wants one has one?

The quatrain below makes the point that sustenance is at the root of the jobs question. Those who have no need of sustenance are less concerned about a job and more concerned that their employment rewards in other ways than just salary. Where we go wrong is where te fail to consider how we most wish to be employed and what we must do to be happily situated. A floor for us all should be a birthright. No government deserves the name minus this simple requirement.

 "Americans name the economy and unemployment/jobs as the most important problems facing the nation, as they have all year, despite the dominant focus in Washington on the federal debt ceiling. The deficit comes in third as the top problem, followed by dissatisfaction with government in general, healthcare, and concerns about wars"

Employment is the right of everyone
Employment is no more than what we do
We are employed regardless of our pay
We all should earn what we need to prevail

Let 'em expire then

Daily Kos :: State of the Nation: "In other words, according to Mr. Norquist’s interpretation of the Americans for Tax Reform pledge, lawmakers have the technical leeway to bring in as much as $4 trillion in new tax revenue — the cost of extending President George W. Bush’s tax cuts for another decade — without being accused of breaking their promise."

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Hey John is a world security threat enough to get you off the dime?

UN Says Climate Change Threatens World Security | Common Dreams: "Climate change could exponentially increase the scale of natural disasters while at the same time threatening world security, a senior UN official told the UN Security Council Wednesday" I shouldn't single Boehner out. He is having a rough time dealing with his confreres. But we have the UN ratcheting up climate change talk and I can tell you from my years there that even though the place is stodgy the stuff they are concerned about is real. We need to get on this and it actually looks as though the Rick Perry See No Evil mentality could persist until Obama is reelected with a clear enough majority to enable some real progress. Or not. In which case we will experience this cold turkey as it were. Simply watch like Nietzsche's passive blinkers as the world self destructs.

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Obama wants the long term fix any way he can get it

Short-term fix considered in debt talks as clock ticks down - CNN.com: "The president may be willing to reverse himself if such an extension is tied to an agreement by both parties on a broader deficit reduction deal including both tax hikes and spending reforms." The ebb and flow of this is determined by the real fear the GOP is creating in the financial world. When we feel things are between waves its just that Wall Street is catching its breath after the latest GOP idiocy.

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Libya remains a life and death struggle

Qaddafi could step down and stay? That's not going to happen. - CSMonitor.com If any place can be said to have no resolution beyond the worst (or best depending on your POV), Libya will be it. I think it will come down to what happened with Karzai's brother. Someone will say this is enough and sacrifice his or her life to resolve the matter. I suspect Qaddaffi knows this and that is why he keeps hinting at wiggle room. I have given up predicting when this will happen.

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Most songs I like are not popular on Spotify but at least they have them (Video)

Getting the hang of Spotify the $4.99 option. Search will give you an easily-dealt-with list of anything that applies. To keep anything just star it.  

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They will be here and then they will be gone like old villages (Video)

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The last person who claimed God's support was W and we are three feet away now from permanent hell as a result

Rick Perry in 2012 Run for President Latest Pol to Claim God’s Guidance - The Daily Beast: "The Texas governor is the latest politician to claim God’s guidance on running for president. Michelle Cottle on why cloaking your ambition is smart politics." When I look into the face of Rick on the tube I see W. It is eerie. It is scary. It is accurate. That is why Perry tries to put distance between himself and his banal anima. The common God thing is the tell.

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Mark McKinnon says a lot of things about the same thing sort of a permanent ISO

Buddy Roemer Announcing 2012 GOP Bid for President, Deserves Attention - The Daily Beast: "The “third-tier” GOP ex-governor announces his bid Thursday in New Hampshire. His message about the corrupt influence of money in politics deserves to be heard, says Mark McKinnon." This says to me that the center of the GOP is desperate. Buddy is a good enough guy but he is not going to vault to the Presidency Jimmy Carter-like. He shares one virtue with Reagan. He started as a Democrat. Mark is saying that none of the others makes it.

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Look who's calling who what?

Larry Summers: Winklevii Are ‘A—holes’ - The Daily Beast Come on Larry. Do you want us to go into your file? This is weak.

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Alright you had a hard time with the schools but this is no way to get a grip

Cathie Black in Car Crash After Party - The Daily Beast: "Her publicist says she was not drunk." I love it. I love it. I love it. We're supposed to believe this. Maybe after you hit one tree. But a whole driveway full. What is drunk anyway. I say it is when you hit every tree in the driveway.

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My name is Michele and I brought a note from my doctor

Bachmann Releases Doctor’s Note - The Daily Beast Migraines are no fun at all and anyone who has them should be given total slack no matter whether they are wingnuts or raving lefties or in the great unsung middle. My father always used to say that the Presidency is an impossible job. No one person can do it. My father suffered conspicuously from migraines. When the one most likely to fill in for an ailing Michele is named Marcus, I get nervous. If I actually thought she would be nominated I would be seriously nervous and say it's not the migraines it's Marcus.

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Deliver us from enemies - they are named Koch and Exxon

Koch Industries Helps Write State Laws - The Daily Beast Let's see. We do not want to be blamed just of hating and attacking Obama. Easier to work through the states. We will provide GOP state people with texts of laws and we will make Alinskyites sorry they ever were for community organization. How far can our money go? Just watch.

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Don't blame the heat wave, blame the GOP

Nearly half of U.S. population facing extreme heat - CNN.com: "The dangerous heat wave blamed for as many as 22 deaths spread into the eastern United States on Wednesday, extending its reach across nearly half the U.S. population, officials said." Oh dear such over reach. Why blame the GOP for everything. Because we are at a time of massive and unnecessary imbalance. Balance is named Barack Obama and because of many factors he has been despised and rejectsd by the GOP and we would be reporting some serious efforts versus heat now if we had had a better last two years and more. Every bit of effort the President has made to deal with climate has been frustrated by Eric Cantor and friends. Heat waves are not to blame for a thing. We are.

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Fix earth first

Space shuttle on verge of final landing - Yahoo! News The space program as always struck me as ancillary. The project is to get the world to fly fight. Right here. Right now. To do this we can take no shortcuts. The underlying issues have to do with power and bullying and macho behavior and the social and economic arrangements they spawn. No shortcuts. The answer is bottom-up democratic revolution that anyone can do anywhere. Anywhere there is a power imbalance, an unfairness, a condition that is despicable and unacceptable. It is not that hard to figure out why the space program is closing. It is not a failure. It is part of rolling up our sleeves.

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The GOP no tax pledge is meaningless

As debt talks intensify, Obama opens door to short-term deal to buy more time - The Washington Post The no tax pledge is not endangered in the big deal Obama wants to see done. Closing tax loopholes is the way taxation comes into it. So if the GOP Congress wants to be honest, let them come out and say they are not for closing any tax loopholes. And let that be added to the list of asinine and spoiled child requests that they are making to excuse their visceral hatred of the man who has had their number from day one.

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Jesus valued children for their inherent wisdom

Jesus Loved Kids the Church Treats Kids as Spiritually Immature - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com Kids have an inherent sense of justice that adults are at pains to kill ASAP in the name of realism and getting one's share of a shrinking pie. Jesus knew that sharing is the key to enlarging the pie. His economy was based in the circulation of things that have value. An economy based on hoarding and conservative money management is not quite what he had in mind. Jesus said that Abba's realm requires us to become as children. That is a stiff order for people whose minds have been poisoned against the idea that they can actually choose how they live by choosing what values to espouse.

Is this the century when cults will be no more?

False Messiahs - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com I think cults are among the things that are going out of style and that the linked reminder about false messiahs will be happily redundant as time goes by. As people understand that the core of freedom is the ability to say yes or no to this and that it is only necessary to rid ourselves of religious straitjackets and uncover what Jesus and his fellow values creators were actually looking for in human beings. Hint. It wasn't worship. Or praise.

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For Dick Morris substitute the wingnut of your choice

Obama Does Not Blink - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com I wrote the linked quatrain sometime back but I like it for now because there are innumerable candidates to take Dick's place among the Obama detractors. And yes the President still does not blink though he will stutter step from time to time. And yes I know in hard times there is money to be made from generous billionaires by becoming an Obama detractor. We all have to eat.

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No religion and no creed is going to be adequate to get us through this century - only a change in values will

I Break All Bars of Prisons Bearing Signs -- the Way of Abba - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "The Way of Abba is a universal path. Not a religion, not a creed. It is a way of tolerance, helpfulness and the practice of democracy. Its foundation is nonidolatry. To fight poverty, disease and 'downcast need' is the pledge of every follower of Abba's Way. A nonviolent movement across the entire globe."

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Having skewered Rachel Maddow, let me be clear

Silliness for Abba -- a Quadpome - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com The issue is not being childish. Being childish is fine. The issue is being wrong or right in one's basic thinking. Basic thinking should include three things. The excitement of a sign that gets you started on a thought. Bingo! Then the damper that comes when you think a bit more and all the challenges to whatever the excitement is emerge. And finally a conclusion that connects the excitement and the damper and fathoms a way beyond that binary conundrum. These thirds posit solutions and keep on changing until whatever they are become habit in which case the entire process is complete. Until it no longer works. It's what Obama means by being willing to start over if something doesn't work.

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Yes OK it was caused by a likely highway killer but ...

Deadly Amish wreck-causer had police record - CBS News: "The man charged in a wreck that killed five Amish farmers in upstate New York had served prison time for stealing a Rochester police cruiser and leading pursuers on a 20-minute chase in 2006, authorities said Wednesday." We always cast these grizzly deaths as tragic accidents. They are no accidents. Nor do they depend on tracking down a person's driving record. Cars and trucks and vans are lethal instruments. They operate at a power that can kill at any speed. They depend on fallible people to operate them. They are a stage of history that we need to move beyond, like war and sexual abuse, like bullying and the sort of politics they do in Congress. The reason all these things hold sway is the values we freely choose to live by. We are not predestined. Tragic accidents will continue to happen but we need to look always to see when accidents are not accidents at all but are rather predictable results of decisions we have make, individually and corporately, based on the values we choose to live by.

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Egypt keeps the flame alive

David Degner & Alia Malek in Cairo: Permanent Revolution — BagNews: "On July 8th, Egyptians returned to Tahrir Square to remind the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) that it was they – the people – and not the generals that would be the guardians of the Revolution, even if the fall of Hosni Mubarak was made easier by the military’s abandoning of the Dictator. As of today, they have not left Tahrir." Where the flame lives is not just Tahrir but in every living and sentient being. All of us have an itch for democracy, tolerance and helpfulness within the infrastructure of our minds and hearts. This is the century when that gets realized and we say goodbye to philanthropy as we have known it, capitalism as we have known it and grasp the power of the values that lie within us all.

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A great anti-war book gets a contemporary kiss

The War for Catch-22 | Culture | Vanity Fair: "“For sixteen years I have been waiting for the great anti-war book which I knew WWII must produce,” Stephen E. Ambrose, writer and historian, wrote to Heller in January 1962. “I rather doubted, however, that it would come out of America; I would have guessed Germany. I am happy to have been wrong. Thank you.”" I would wish for more than a kiss. And I will get it. A century of groundswell based on the obsolescence and idiocy of war and the eventual activation of values which have been within us since we evolved from the apes.

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Rachel Maddow needs an intellectual makeover (Video)

You do not need to be a Rhodes Scholar to know how thin all her talk about infrastructure is. Not to mention childish.

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You know what? Infrastructure talk is uninformed in every political precinct and party

Are Republicans Committing Treason? | | AlterNet: "No political will to fix US infrastructure" Republicans may be committing treason in some respects, but when it comes to infrastructure the blame should be spread equally so that it includes Rachel Maddow's macho idiocy suggesting that we need more bridges across the Colorado River. Fact One: Infrastructure must respond to Global Warming. Fact Two: Infrastructure is entirely related to roads and automobiles and maintaining an oil economy. Conclusion: Until we have some specific understandings about an infrastructure approach that is built on an alternative future, we are in a massive and debilitating double bind. An alternative future might include car free communities, light rail connections between places airlines won't fly to anymore. Things like that.

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GOP grasps at straws in Colorado

RNC giving Obama hard time over Hickenlooper's assessment of 2012 odds - The Denver Post: "Barack Obama owned Colorado in 2008, so Republicans are having a field day highlighting Gov. John Hickenlooper's statement that the president would have a 'hard time' winning Colorado if the election were held today." If the best the GOP can do is chortle over an honest statement that 2012 could be close it would signify that their cupboard is bare. Even with the likes of Chris Christie about. I think that a good GOP candidate is made more unlikely by the quality of support available within the so-called leadership of the party just now. I mean when you miss Michael Steele ...

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Another reason Obama is likely to win

"President Barack Obama said that he’ll be re-elected for a second term if voters feel like he’s been on their side, working as hard as he can and getting things done."

That's a hard-nosed assessment.

You have already had the highest office in the world. You could coast forever on your laurels.

Just such a guy is in the best position to win, because at bottom he is OK with losing.

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The people understand Obama better than the GOP ever did

Gallup Pollster: Obama's Ratings Higher Than You'd Expect | TPMDC: "That's according to Gallup Editor In Chief Frank Newport, who spoke to reporters Tuesday at a breakfast meeting sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. Newport says he's crunched the numbers as far back as they go in Gallup's polling archive and found that no one's done as well as Obama when the public is as unhappy with the economy." Right. He is Kevlar. Because the people now know exactly what the problem is and it is not the President. It is the noxious GOP and its failure to step up to the Patriotism bar.

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