If you lure 'em they'll come

Great White Shark Jumps on Boat, Stressing Everyone - Digg newswatch.nationalgeographic.com — "Marine researchers chumming the ocean to lure sharks closer to their vessel off South Africa's southwestern Cape coast got more than they wished for when a half-ton (500 kilogram) great white shark leaped into their boat."

Did you have a nice trip, dear. Yes except for the ruddy shark... Is that why you are hiding your arm like that?

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Why do we need DNA evidence to prove that Neanderthals r us.

DNA Evidence: Neanderthals Had Sex with Humans - Digg: "livescience.com — Many modern-day humans may be carrying around a fragment of Neanderthal DNA on one of their sex chromosomes, a new study finds."

Don't say because otherwise Michele and Marcus won't believe it. They won't believe it regardless.

Profanity is not a crime but abuse should be

Telling a Cop to F-Off Is Not a Crime - Digg: "A San Francisco jury decided that just because 22-year-old Chris Christopher cusses like an assh**e doesn't make him a f**king criminal."

Abuse is the reality that all people need to confront in side and out. Profanity has receded in importance over time as we have become a little more insightful about what really matters.

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Cantor Slashes Back at Boehner

This guy is a lush. Not up to the drill. Now me? I have Nixon genes. None of the bad stuff. Just what he got from his mother. People diss me. Wait until I am Speaker.

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Eric Cantor is still bugging me

What can I do. He's surrounded by sycophantic nincompoops.

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Pelosi has it right. Obama has it right. We the electorate? Not so much.

Newsvine - Nancy Pelosi on the the 200th Day of the GOP House Majority: Where are the jobs bills?: "'Republicans have spent 200 days ignoring jobs and pushing an ideological agenda to end Medicare and protect tax breaks for special interests, Big Oil, and corporations that ship American jobs overseas, as Democrats work to create jobs through our Make It In America agenda."

We can and will make it right in 2012 and between now and then.

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Job Application

First My Qualifications: I am an exceptional editor, writer and idea person with more than 50 years of communications experience in every area.

Applying For: Czar of a Publishing Operation that would guarantee reasonable payment to any producer of online content. 

Terms: Tech capacities equivalent to the best available, partnership with either Facebook or Google, capacity to hire and train 1000 work at home professional journalist editors, complete supervision and control of  products, capacity to outpay existing writer operations.

Such an operation would have the pick of existing venues for writers including those who work for nothing (are you listening Arianna?). Because content would not be pressed into single moulds, writers would be freer than they are now to achieve their best performance and a pattern would be set for a future in which all creators of content on the Web would have the opportunity to earn something for what they do.    

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Let's see is any of this news?

Mitt Romney’s Biggest Donors Are Wall Street Bankers - Digg So are Obama's. There is getting to be a good argument for turning off politics in penitence for believing anything actually makes any difference. I remember how relieved I was when Gerry Ford got in. He did little or nothing and everything went OK. The real things that hurt us all are currents that are larger than who's in and who's out. Things like warming, oil, the drug war, rampant injustice and the changing intellectual environment. I want to see one Obama catharsis aimed at the hypocritical Republicans and wait for the ceiling to be passed and then have an August free of depressing stories about the subservience of Mitt Romney to Wall Street. Who else would he be subservient to? You or me? Forget it.

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There is a vast difference between genuine personal religious experience and blaring it out to get political advancement

Michele Bachmann: Hearing The Voice Of God As Mental Illness Symptom - Digg: "The Republicans who pander to the Religious Right and evangelical extremists by constantly referring to their credentials as Christians are ignoring the Constitution (no surprise there), but the real danger is that they claim to have heard god tell them it is time to run for the presidency of a secular nation."

Everyone can and should converse with Abba since Abba is within everyone and stands ready to be a guide and friend. But the notion that you call Abba God and claim he said this or that to advance a political goal in public is tacky display and the worst sort of violation of Christian precepts. I think most public use of the word God in or out of church would be frowned on by Jesus. See the Gospel of Mark for proof.

The Problem with Obama's Angry Press Conference

Obama Hits The Ceiling: Scenes From An Angry Presser (VIDEO) | TPMDC

The president made a profound error in his angry Press Conference. He said that the Republicans have consistently called for deficit reduction. What they have consistently called for is his removal from office. Until he can act to deal with this fact, a political fact, he falls into their trap. His narrative needs to be about himself and them. On that basis he can win. He can expose their criminal hypocrisy. And he can shame them into submission. As long as he refuses this challenge he loses and the country loses.

Ballistic President (TPM Videos)

Obama Hits The Ceiling: Scenes From An Angry Presser (VIDEO) | TPMDC

Count on TPM to gather the salient videos on the President's irritated response to the puerile behavior of Eric Cantor and other Koch stooges.

Everything You Need  to Know to Boycott Koch Products

Time for Obama to Address The Nation says Mildred Purse

Mildred Purse. Beacon Hill.

Time to cut to the chase, Sir. Deal with what has been there from the start. Make this one Philadelphia 2. Bare your soul. They picked this fight. It's your's to win.

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Amy Winehouse RIP

Amy Winehouse Autopsy Set For Sunday Or Monday | Radar Online: "London police are wasting no time in their investigation into the death of Amy Winehouse.

The controversial singer was found dead in her apartment Saturday afternoon, and RadarOnline.com has learned that her autopsy could take place within 24 hours."

"They tried to put me in rehab." At least she said no.

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Brain injuries compound dementia risk

PsycPORT Article: "A large study of older war veterans suggests those who experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI) during their lives had more than two times the risk of developing dementia, according to scientists from the University of California-San Francisco. The researchers presented their findings today at the Alzheimer's Association's annual International Conference in Paris."

My immediate reaction is think twice before playing contact sports.

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It's pretty simple - there are upsides to moderate drinking

The Good and Evil of Alcohol | Psychology Today: "We are returned to this politician's 'insight' (is that the same thing as 'equivocation') by 'a major new study' (French) referenced in the Telegraph (U.K.): 'Moderate drinkers have lower rates of heart disease, obesity and depression than people who abstain from alcohol entirely, the report indicates.' Meanwhile, a Spanish study found recently, drinkers are less likely to succumb to Alzheimer's."

And there are downsides for those with alcoholic tendencies and those who get drunk.

And we are a spectrum each and every one of us and we do best when we are not at the primeval end of that spectrum. Case closed.

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Did you think there was just one Murdoch hacking scandal?

What’s the Deal With News Corp’s Other, U.S.-Based, Hacking Scandal? - ProPublica: "News America was accused in a 2009 lawsuit of hacking into the computers of one of its competitors, Floorgraphics Inc., to steal detailed information about their sales, clients and finances. Floorgraphics said they first realized they were being hacked in 2004, when they discovered intrusions from computers with IP addresses registered to News America. The company claimed that their information was accessed at least 11 times over four months and that they started losing important clients to News America shortly afterward, leading to a round of layoffs."

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A Woman Goes Down for Genocide

Rape in war: No more excuses | Human Rights Watch: "Last month, the first woman ever was convicted of genocide. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda found Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, Rwanda's former minister for family and women's affairs, guilty of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, including rape, for her role in planning and ordering others to carry out these crimes during the country's 1994 genocide."

An equal opportunity crime if there ever was one.

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I can see it coming

Tea party isn't ready to cozy up to a Rick Perry candidacy | McClatchy

Yeah right, but consider this.

Tea Party will have tail between legs after the Debt Settlement.

Perry will be geared to announce. He will say come here little doggie. Noise of tentative pants.

A marriage made in hell.

Should we believe McConnell?

The Associated Press: McConnell: Congress committed to prevent default

You know the man is being told to calm the waters but so far nothing has stopped the House GOP from acting like spoiled children, lying and otherwise proving their incapacity to lead. Eventually this is going to come down to we and they. That's sad but true. This is why at the final hour I believe the we will in fact be all those who by their vote are willing to tell the spoiled wingnuts that they can go to hell in a hand basket. And why we may end up with a better deal than anyone believes at the moment. If you are saying this is what the President wants, you are right. This whole thing is because the GOP has been unwilling to accept the legitimacy of the person who is in the White House. When this is over the press will mull over the alliance between all who voted for the resolution and the perfidy of those who did not.

Facebook is in the middle of an Armenian uproar

Armenia: Uproar Over Head of Church’s Remarks · Global Voices

Maybe all politics is not merely local but Web-driven. Read this.

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It comes down to having enough money

It comes down to having enough money
More than a job
The lack of money can be satisfied by the fed
If for the banks why not for those who lack

"Basic lack of money remains Americans' foremost financial concern. Even in the current job climate, 17% of Americans say the most important financial problem their family faces today is a lack of money compared with 9% who say it is unemployment or the loss of a job. The cost of healthcare takes second place as 12% say it is the most important financial problem for their family."

Wisconsin teachers give Walker a big no confidence

Teachers will not join Walker in education effort - Yahoo! News

"While the governor's group includes organizations such as the American Federation of Teachers, the School Boards Association, and district administrators, it wasn't enough to sway WEAC, which represents more than 66,000 teachers and 98,000 members."

Scott is not your most trustworthy person when it comes to serving all the people.

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Economy and jobs will win for neither party

If there is one bipartisan mantra, it is that economy and jobs are the issues that will decide 2012. This is a silly assumption. Neither party is close to dealing with the truth. The truth is that we are at the start of a fifty year struggle to extricate ourselves from the grip of the oil economy and all of its tendrils that stretch everywhere around the globe. Moving beyond the oil economy will mean deciding for or against a continuation of the economic polarization it has helped create. It will mean a process of selecting among different choices for how we will create and structure the cities of the future. It will mean a massive commitment to the reeducation and recalibration of a workforce that has no future in the oil economy and the fields that relate to it which include the creation and maintenance of urban sprawl. None of this comes into the current political discourse which revolves around recovering the very economy that is no longer viable.. The candidate  who is honest about all this may not win but he or she will be right and events will confirm it.

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Every pollster needs to get their headlines

Daily Kos: Is Obama in 'perilous' shape, as PPP suggests?

PPP distinguished itself with some great work in the early days of the 2008 primaries and then inexplicably began to get wobbly in its calls. PPP should know by now who they are dealing with and that calls in midstream in a time of crisis will favor anyone but the President. He tends to finish strong after doing rope-a-dope, sometimes for weeks at a time. Pretty good for a person who has to deal with the wingnuts of the GOP.

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We make our own hells don't blame Abba

Massey Energy's Man-Made Hell Hole | Common Dreams: "A new investigative report by federal safety inspectors found that this mine — owned by the enormously profitable Massey Energy Corporation — was essentially a man-made hellhole."

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Get this message through to these jerks

The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com: "As President Obama and congressional leaders meet Saturday at the White House, polls show the public sharply divided on the debt problem’s urgency, down on both parties, and favoring more compromise."

You've heard of email right? Inundate.

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GOP lives in fantasy world created by W

Obama calls emergency meeting on debt - CBS News: "But it was $1.2 trillion in additional revenue that killed the deal for Republicans." You see they have never had to pay for a thing. They charged the wars. They charged the entitlements. They wasted the balanced budget they had when W took office. And what do we have now? A bunch of spoiled debt addicts masquerading as fiscal saints. It will not wash.

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I am not sure I agree (Images)

Facing Our Warriors (Before, During and After) — BagNews: "Taken as of a piece, the three portraits mark the subtle, psychic metamorphosis of a young man who has encountered the experience of war."

This morning I just assumed the Norway suspect and Assange look the same. I am not sure pictures never lie. I am not sure what we see is always what we get.

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Malthus is the conservative deity

The American Conservative » Killing With Kindness: "With 40 million Americans on food stamps and government outlays exceeding revenues by a trillion and a half dollars, I don’t think it is fanciful to see our country as being in a Malthusian trap, if not quite the one the Reverend Thomas envisaged. The same applies, to greater or lesser degree, to other welfare states."

Scrooge also fits.

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Clarification - W delayed the global democratic revolution

How so?

1. By being elected in a display of what was to come in the US. The gradual effort to suppress democracy.

2. Allowing 9/11 and then using the aftermath to scare a traumatized populace into decisions that drove the country to near bankruptcy and helped to polarize us in a sad charade that is less a reflection of democracy than of what can happen when democracy is consistently undermined.


3. By being consistently behind the oil economy which lies at the root of the effort of principalities and powers to subvert the individual democratic urge that exists in all human beings. 

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Syrian high noon

Mass Syrian protest against Assad regime adds to death toll | World news | The Guardian

This will end when Syria reflects its people and becomes a democracy.

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Want to visit an Israeli prison? It's a snap.

100 Hours In Israeli Detention | News & Politics | AlterNet: "The political policing at Israeli-controlled borders is just one facet of an elaborate system that keeps Palestinians in the Occupied Territories isolated and under siege."

Just tell them you are planning to meet with friends in occupied territory. Good going Bibi.

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Your temperate Saturday anthem (Video)

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Boston leads but the end is not going to be private cars

Boston to get 150 EV charging stations | The Car Tech blog - CNET Reviews: "Paving the way for the wave of electric vehicles poised to enter the market, Coulomb Technologies announced that it will be installing 150 ChargePoint stations in the Boston metropolitan area."

The end of this is going to be an alternative transport system in which vehicles link to other vehicles, probably via magnetism, eventually leading to a vast reduction in the number of private cars.

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This is a swimsuit? (Image)

Images: Swimsuit fashion week - DailyHerald.com

If this was baseball there'd be no GOP

Debt ceiling splitsville: Now what? - Jul. 23, 2011: "On Friday, for the third time in a month, Republicans abandoned negotiations with the White House over how to reduce the country's medium and long-term debt in time to raise the nation's debt ceiling."

From now on we take control of the narrative. Or we'll all go down the tube.

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How traffic pollution hurts families

Parents' stress tied to pollution's effect on kids - Yahoo! News: "NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Children living in high-stress households are more vulnerable to lung damage from traffic pollution than children whose parents are less stressed out, according to the results of a new study."

Iverson? I remember when Tark had half the NBA at T&M

Allen and Ann Iverson - 1993 - Rare Photos of Allen Iverson - Photos - SI.com

And when it was Bird, Parrish and so forth and so on. Rarity is a misused term.

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NFL offers a wet kiss

Opinion: No way NFL players will vote down contract - NFL- NBC Sports

Smart money says it will be reciprocated. A large price to pay for organized and injurious mayhem. The inside of this is not pleasant to look at.

Let's hope it was the heat that hobbled Hughes

Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees - July 22, 2011 | MLB.com NYY Recap: "As he walked to the mound with a 12-run lead for the fourth inning, one of the last words Phil Hughes expected to be using to describe his evening would have been 'frustrating.'"

Even for a Yankee fan this was a painful victory to watch.

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Michael remembered (Poly Styrene Video)

Poly Styrene Pays a Posthumous Tribute to Michael Jackson - NYTimes.com "As far as posthumous tributes go, this one is a double rarity. Before she died in April, Poly Styrene, the leader of the pioneering punk act X-Ray Spex, recorded a song inspired by the death of another seminal performer: Michael Jackson."

Spielberg’s inner child on display

Spielberg’s Stop at Comic-Con - NYTimes.com: "“You’ll be kids the rest of your lives!” shouted Steven Spielberg to a crowd of more than 6,000 roaring fantasy fans at the Comic-Con International convention here on Friday. “I feel the same way!”"

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Hey Google wait a minute I thought we were all brands

Guest Post: Google Plus pulls TV station account - Lost Remote: "+Jen Reeves is KOMU’s New Media Director. She points out that Google’s enforcement of the “no brand” policy is random and perhaps even unfair. In fact, one of KOMU’s direct competitors, +KRCG Mid-Missouri just started a G+ profile and has not been shut down. Neither have several dozen other media profiles."

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Life after JLo (Text, Video)

Marc Anthony Bounces Back from JLo Split with New Music Video: "Just a week after his split with Jennifer Lopez, the show goes on for Marc Anthony as the singer is featured in Pitbull's new music video, 'Rain Over Me.'"

Norway suspect looks like Julian Assange to me

Oslo attacks suspect profiled | World | News | Edmonton Sun: "Anders Behring Breivik is a conservative Christian who enjoys classical music and the video game World of Warcraft."

In which case it just goes to show you that appearances deceive entirely.

Click the above for Norway. Here's Julian:

Just so no one thinks I am negative toward Julian, the opposite is the case. I am a partisan of openness and full disclosure and have advocated strongly for both Julian and for Bradley Manning who - I feel - should be freed by President Obama with an apology for our treatment of him.

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Obama to GOP yield or die

Stumbling Toward Disaster | FrumForum: "Republicans find themselves facing a horrible choice between yielding on their exorbitant demands or pushing the United States into financial upheaval."

Well framed, sir.

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Everyone is flocking to HTML5

The HTML5 boom is coming. Fast. — Tech News and Analysis: "New data released Friday indicates that HTML5 is not just going to be big, it’s going to be huge — and it’s coming fast."

I would say it is going to be small. What is going to be big are things like the collapse of societies, the consequences of Cantorism and the price of ice.

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I can see the prison population changing

U.S. Cyber Arrests seen Leading to more Hackers - Digg: "The FBI's arrest this week of 16 people who allegedly participated in high-profile cyber attacks is providing a treasure trove of information and will lead to further arrests, a 21 hr 24 min ago"

Imagine what could come out of the new mix. Less violence more crime.

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Baking cookies on your car is a big sick joke

Frying an egg on the hot sidewalk? That’s so old-fashioned! | Poynter.: "Frying an egg on the hot sidewalk? That’s so old-fashioned!"

Sure it's funny.

More or less like laughing as the Titanic approaches the iceberg.

In my world you wouldn't have to drive 200 miles to sell organic produce

Market Watch: Meet Greg Nauta, a real farmer - latimes.com: "Nauta is defiantly old school. He and his family do practically all the work on their farm themselves, raising a diversity of fruits, vegetables, animals and grains that's almost reminiscent of the pioneer era."

It would be redensified with enough space within walking distance so Greg could sell from his farm. The whole thing now is impossible and unsustainable. That is why Farmer's Markets have so few real farmers anymore.

Go oil and car free!

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I haven't got the patience

An amazing crossword puzzle: "On the day before the 1996 US presidential election, the NY Times ran a crossword puzzle that correctly predicted the winner."

Let me know how they did it please.

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Lethal is evil NRA likes lethal lethal instruments should be banned

At least 84 dead in Norway youth camp attack - World news - Europe - msnbc.com: "A suspected right-wing Christian gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a ferocious attack on a youth summer camp of Norway's ruling Labour party, hours after a bomb killed seven in Oslo."

Saving syllogism.

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Strippedy Doo Dah

NYC Subway Passenger Beats the Heat by Getting Naked


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Not so fast John

BREAKING: Boehner explains decision to end debt talks – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs: "'We can work together here on Capitol Hill to forge an agreement, and I'm hopeful that the president will work with us on this agreement,' Boehner said."

We have three branches of Government
Executive, Judicial, Legislative
Legislative is divided into two of which the House is but one
And you are telling me that the House which you barely control
Is going to resolve this with the Senate
Without raising any revenue
I don't think so John
We are playing rope a dope if you remember
We are in Round Five

Parsing The Jaws of Hell

James Ellroy, 24 and Hell - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

"How the Jaws of Hell Became
My Description of the
Evil We Create on Earth"

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Is the corporate stranglehold total?

Is This the 'Worst Congress Ever'? - Digg: "Corporate control over government is beginning to reach a point of no return (in otherwords, there are systemic and institutional problems that prevent government from doing its job no matter who is involved."

I would say damned near
And if the Koches can keep Democrats from voting
And Obama is defeated
The Bush scoop will be complete
And the jaws of hell will close

Oxymoron of the day

3quarksdaily: The Perfect Summer Dress: First, it must be sleeveless

I once had a sleeve full summer dress
Till some one cut the sleeves off I confess
I never realized how cool no sleeves could be
But now the World Wide Web has set me free

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Jesus was a criminal by the standards of his time

Jesus Came to Vindicate Abba - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

Jesus was a criminal to scribe and pharisee
He said Abba is near at hand and that was blasphemy
To see all share that holy power builds up democracy
And tolerance and helpfulness in all with eyes to see

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We are sustained to the extent that we are face to face

Move Your Economy to What Sustains - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

We are sustained to the extent that we are face to face
United not by what divides but by what transcends

It's the oil stupid

There is an Hour of Reckoning Coming - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com James Carville was the last person who could accurately say it's the economy stupid. The economy was then and is now the oil economy. When we repeat Carville's mantra today we are talking about the thing that dooms us all. The challenge we face is replacing the oil economy pronto. Clinton was the last President to game the oil economy successfully. He did it by the repeal of the Glass-Steagall  act and balancing the budget. We must zap the entire economy for a car free full employment future. Since that may not be achievable due to lack of vision, we could be facing a half  century of needless struggle just because we cannot accept the truth.


The Slow as Molasses Press