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Gender free hymns can be created without doing violence to tradition or changing meanings.

Gender free hymns can be created without doing violence to tradition or changing meanings. Gender free hymns make sense. When hymns are all "he" and no "she" there must be a better. Fortunately, there is a way to solve the gender problem without changing much else. We can make any hymn gender free by - Using "you" instead of "he" when speaking of Jesus. - Using "you" when speaking of God or * or "Abba", and by - Using the first person plural "we" when referring to "us".
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Now the GOP in the Senate is Joining The Wingnuts

Mitch McConnell is conducting a stonewall operation in the Senate to prevent an up or down vote on the Reid proposal.This is nothing less than complicity with the Tea Party and acceptance of the economic catastrophe which no one can accurately imagine until it hits us with all of its potential devastation.The GOP behavior in the Senate in the middle of the evening today is shameful and unpatrioticWhat to doUse every means of communication possible to insist that this behavior stop and that the GOP compromiseWe do not even have at this point the luxury of contemplating how vulnerable this makes the GOPIt is the country and the world that the GOP now appears to hold hostage
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The Bard would call them ignoramus slaughterers

The Bard would call them ignoramus slaughterersThat name he'd give our bilious GOPAnd he would give some glad rags to the clownOr anyone who thought that he could leadYou cannot lead an ignoramus slaughtererWho cannot even see the death he wreaksYou must  restrain him with some chains that bind him wellOr otherwise he'll ope' gates of hell  
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The Chinese may be laughing now but they will be coughing tomorrow

Exclusive: John Kerry Says "Chinese Are Laughing All The Way To The Bank" Over Prospect Of U.S. Credit Downgrade | National Memo | Breaking News, Smart Politics

The Chinese opted for asphyxiation during the time of Mao When they decided to emulate the United States China can be forgiven Everyone else did too The result is a world filled with cars fueled with oil that will soon be unaffordable and eventually unavailable And a sprawl future as noxious as what we have created for ourselves here and called the American Dream It is all a delicious irony Try something different John

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Help for the poor New York Times Music Tech Writer

The poor fellow could not connect movements of classical pieces using SpotifyHere's a way SearchStar what you want to hear sequentially Open your star folderPlay the first one on topThat will be what you just selectedAll the other pieces you selected will play in order while you do whatever you doI just did it with Beethoven Quartets and took a napPiece of cake
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The most common side effect is nausea at your dumb pharma ads

Mildred Purse. Beacon Hill.
Am I all alone in being disgusted by the spate of pharma ads on TV with idiot voices spending the major art of the ad itemizing all the reasons this drug can maim or kill you? I hate the patronizing tone and the probability that the only reason for this is that the drugs are most dangerous to begin with. It also signifies that these companies are flush with cash. That is inherently disgusting. 
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Poor little Norway needed a little ammo but the US was there to help

Mildred Purse. Beacon Hill. Boston
This is sick. This nice looking boy could not get enough ammunition in Norway to carry out his dastardly deed, But the US is ever ready to arm anyone with a need. He got his clips from us. By mail order. $500 worth.
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This little pussy cat doesn't look like Hitler

Hitler cat 'overlooked for adoption because of markings' - Telegraph

This little pussy cat doesn't look like Hitler Charlie Chaplain looks like Hitler I understand that no one wants to be taken for Hitler Of course when some idiot named the poor chat Kitler They were going for viral big time I'll tell you what That is one charity I will steer clear of

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Wierd Taliban Appears To Love Killing Children

Bomb Hits Afghan Minibus - The Daily Beast

If I was the Taliban I would not claim credit for killing little children If I was the Taliban I would probably be thinking about how not to be a Taliban To act like violent juvenile delinquents while giving loyalty to theological midgets who condone violence Ought to strike a scintilla of conscience somewhere in the depths of someone who has just claimed credits for breaking the hearts of several families and sending little children to the grave
I will confess however that we have enough violence freaks in our country to make any anger you may feel at least understandable
What if we simply say a pox on all our gratuitous and heretical and disgusting violence
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Another stupid Fort Hood copycat?

Mildred Purse. Beacon Hill.
I think everybody needs to calm down. First Norway strikes fear that Europe will be overrun by copycats. Then some guy says he was planning to attack fort Hood. Why can't these people be original? If they want to threaten someone I have some much better ideas that do not involve violence. I will not elaborate for fear of violating the Patriot Act which came into being in the wake of the criminal loss of our government in the year - what was the year when that second Bush came to power? I have not even had time to calm down from that!
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Iran and Al Queda in Cahoots That's A Laugh

Alexander Hamilton Quill - The Purse Group
Ho ho indeed. Iran is so retrograde it is in cahoots, they say, with Al Queda. Who remembers Al Queda? The world moves too fast to be run by robed clerics who probably have regularity problems. Come to think of it Bin Laden would have been right at home with a big fat clerical title. Allatoldya Ben Poobah or something.  That Acachoo or whatever his name is had better get hip to what is happening. The secular tide exists for one reason. Your murderous fundamentalism. We have the same problem in our country. So I sympathize. I think we probably made a mistake. Our intelligence tries but it is still pretty hit or miss. What I really mean to say is it is 2011. Lighten up.
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They Say You've Been Blindsided John

Mildred Purse. Beacon Hill.
Don't worry John. You are still our friend here at the Mildred Purse Group. The people the people elected to harass you are a marauding bunch of idiots who deserved to be put in the stocks and taught a lesson. The voters who cast their lot with them should probably be put there too. We'll get through this John, don't you worry your little head over it. 
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Terror tactics of the House Republicans

There is nothing worse than  a true believer with powerWe confer that power by our votesWe have conferred that power on persons who wish to hold the whole world hostageWe need persons of courage in the Congress to step up as civil right movement folk did andNonviolently prevent these true believers fromExecuting their intent
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I care less about global warming than what oil and the car do regardless

New NASA Data Blow Gaping Hole In Global Warming Alarmism - Yahoo! News: "The new findings are extremely important and should dramatically alter the global warming debate."
Oil and cars cause wars. Oil and cars are lethal. Oil and cars carry massive hidden costs. Oil and cars have helped generate a polarized society with an emphasis on detached housing sprawling everywhere and long distances on expensive roads that are exclusively for the use of vehicles. All told the world could be freezing and these things would be enough to say, enough already.

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Hmmm non-aggressive ants taking over exemplary will we join them?

BBC - Earth News - Ant mega-colony takes over world: "'Humans created this great non-aggressive ant population,' the researchers write."
I try on this little blog to stimulate thought aimed at advancing human nature a few centimeters so we do not destroy ourselves. By and large this thinking is ignored, so wonderful is the current situation. But I have few years left and make the best of it. I note this story and reflect that the ants who are family and non-aggressive have two of the characteristics that I most venerate and commend to all who come across this text, indeed to all who do not.

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A whole article on porn and almost nothing ...

A male porn star speaks - Pornography - "Porn hasn't really changed my romantic life. People always ask me if it's hard to have a girlfriend in porn and I always tell them that I don't think it's any harder than in real life."

A whole article on porn and almost nothing that flags its manifest cruelty to women, masochism if you wish to distribute responsibility. But cruelty fits. Cruelty morphs into the lethal. Porn cruelty kills. Killing is the sin of all sins. Our cruel value system is inherited and emblazoned with terms like courage and honor. Setting up dominant hypocrisy. The opposite of cruelty is caring and respect and love in the agape sense. We should consider parsing things by their cruelty, their lethal nature.
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Boehner has always been impotent

Capitol's Tremors Unsettle White House, Too - "The White House could be left without a negotiating partner in a chamber full of uncompromising conservatives, on the debt issue and others in coming months that ultimately will demand bipartisan action."

This is not his fault. He has been blindsided by a group that is unable to give. It wants the whole kahuna now. The balanced budget. The massive drop in spending. And it does not care if we don't pay what we already owe. He will either face it down in pure power terms. Or be displaced. Ultimately some Republicans will affirm whatever is cooked up and the passage of the new ceiling will rest on whether these Republicans and the Democrats in the House end up with a majority. Blame will be liberally spread but the GOP will receive the lion's share. The damage is being done as we speak.

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