Does Mitt want to go down as a divider

Romney Slams Debt Deal - The Daily Beast

This is lovely
If the debt deal passes Romney will be the one who preferred default
If it fails he will be the one who encouraged default
This is what the GOP calls a win-win

Why the Rope-A-Dope Champion Will Win in 2012

Debt Deal: How Obama Helped Himself in 2012 Campaign - The Daily Beast

He will win because the two coastal areas that vote for him will be supplemented by at least four large once-industrial states where he has opened eyes to a new economy
This will be enough to enable victory
More than enough if his opponent is as hapless as those in the current crop or has the initials RP
A second reason is that Obama's rope-a-dope is perfectly suited to the GOP which specializes in transparent overreach
A third reason is that voters continue to be entertained by divided government and might just create a revolution by changing many of the players in both houses to see if their choices fare any better than their previous selections
Finally if Obama's exhortation of folk to communicate with DC actually was effective it could be the start of something good both for politics and his re-election

From a blog worth noting



The deep source of the stream (hear it now?)
is implicit in what everybody knows.

The scam continues and Apple seems Kafkaesque

Apple can't stop ongoing iTunes charge scam - Computerworld: "IDG News Service - Users of Apple's iTunes services should keep a close eye on PayPal and credit card statements for fraudulent iTunes charges.

For more than a year, scammers have been racking up unauthorized charges on iTunes accounts, leaving Apple's customers to clean up the mess."

I am not even an Apple customer and have spent the whole morning reckoning with this mess. Paypal says it is investigating on my behalf. The Apple site I was directed to was unnavigable, a usability mess and part of the obfuscatory system I associate with degenerate capitalism.

Don't get me wrong I would live capitalism to work. Not to mention democracy. And government.
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CNN's Casual Ageism Is Despicable

If you missed it keep an eye out for it in the future. This was a roundhouse diss by all four youthful talking heads referring to old people as ancient and engaging in serial laughter based entirely on ageist premises. I rarely watch CNN. I will not bother with it in the future.

What would be economic growth signs?

The problem is not growth
It is what makes for growth
What makes for growth is vision
What vision is is decision
Decision is what is important
What is important is that consumer society is toast
Superficial and illiberal education is toast
Bullying culture is toast

We need to create new cities
New communities
New structures that are local and tangible that you can walk to
We need to restructure construction
We need to change education entirely
We need to decide whether jobs should be distributed to all who want them
And how to do that
We are not close to the beginning of economic growth
We will be closer when we answer these questions

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Obama has been for better not bigger government

It is time to celebrate Barack Obama some
He's on the receiving end of mindless commentary
I have never regretted that he not John McCain won in 2008
The biggest slur is that Obama is a tax and spend big government maniac
His party is lackluster in its support and has contributed to the resulting crisis
I welcome the 2012 election
The choice will become clear
A world that supports intolerance, unhelpfulness, oligarchy and idolatry of consumption, of oil, of growth
Or the reverse
Obama is for smarter existence
Genuine helpfulness genuine democracy
Ending oil-subservient anti-environmental acts
All the talk about the role of government is covering up the lack of imagination and vision in the private sector
The chickens are knocking at the door
The hour of reckoning is here
I wish Ayn Rand was around
I think we would be on the same page but that she would have changed her values until we agreed
We need to build a new world with new values that understands that the individual is the maker or the denier of progress by the values that are freely chosen and by which history moves

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Why Construction is Moribund

Construction is moribund because the day of the detached house that requires constant upkeep is over
Construction is moribund because planners have not come to grips with the relationship between density and vibrant economies
Construction is moribund because the future lies with the mass production of spaces
This construction will eventually replace the auto industry and become the foundation of a global business
None of these points is yet prominent or even present in the current discussion
The only thing that is present are symptoms that would be explicable in the terms of these premises

Short Form Content at Blogger: I care less about global warming than what oil and the car do regardless

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Would voting NO Sock it To The Tea Party?

Then they would have to approve the raising of the debt ceiling or bear the blame.
That is why Morning Joe and all the right wing is saying we have won pass the ceiling.
But it is within the power of  House Democrats to control things now.
Because everyone is saying the Right won in order to be nice to the Tea Party and make them behave.
If the ceiling does not pass the President either fires back with a one page bill or with 14th Amendment workaround.
It is too much to expect that the Tea Party will behave as the Right wishes them to do.

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Footnote to Tea Party Perfidy

As August dawns, I wake up to Michele Bachmann standing for crippling government that has supported her and Marcus with liberal aid. Such hypocrisy (sorry inconsistency) is standard on the right. The Tea Party is the GOP depending on what day it is. We have no idea even now what idiocy may be launched in the coming hours. Michele wants us to do nothing. Let the global panic develop. She creates extemporaneous lies to suggest this is not a real crisis. Much has already been done. It was done when we let Michele and her ilk take over the narrative, turning a simple legislative act into an Armageddon moment. We should never have allowed this to develop but hindsight is 20/20. Now we need to flag the Tea Party for what it is. We must wrest the narrative back. The narrative is how we can move the country in the direction of greater tolerance, greater helpfulness, greater democracy and end our idolatry of everything and everyone save the One Jesus called Abba. (I am listening to a Maureen Down column being read on Morning Joe. It echoes this text, minus the articulation of saving values.)

Short Form Content at Blogger: The Tea Party in Congress is a Subversive force and Dangerous to All Americans: "The Tea Party in Congress is a Subversive force and Dangerous to All Americans"

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