The Reason There Is No Consumer Demand Is Simple

The reason there is no consumer demand is that there is nothing out there that will realistically save a lot of money over a long time
Cars and houses won't do that and that is why they are on their way out as market drivers
More sprawl and mcmansion imitations won't excite demand as they are cash cows already bloated beyond sustainability
Conventional education that costs in the tens of thousands for little or nada will not do it and education is pricing itself out of the market
But the first person to build a cyber-city will become the next Gates Zukerberg whatever
A cyber city will be safe because its matrix will exist like that of a huge stadium and will house and operate all of what used to be called plumbing in addition to the full recycling of everything within the cyber-city
A cyber city will integrate everything into kiosks for work, education and commerce and mix residence in with everything else more like a Medieval city than what we have now
This approach will do the major lifting with large screen online kiosk communication centers so that small groups can purchase things, learn and be entertained 24/7
The scale will be such that tons of jobs will be created, many of them part time and skill-centered, teaching, coaching, selling and so forth
But is anybody there yet
Is car free beyond oil really the future
For everyone but the deluded
And the Koches

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MLB should mind its own business

MLB Could Suspend A-Rod - The Daily Beast

I am glad the MLB has nothing better to do than follow up Star stories. I am glad the society has nothing better to do than gobble this up. But gambling is not a sin in itself. And drugs should be legalized. And even if you want to be straight laced, are we going to have yet another sports thingy where the thing cones down to whether a denial was true or not?

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We are not an urban world we are a sprawl world

Our world was made by the car
It it operates to the soundtrack of engines
It is sprawl world
Interchange world
Traffic report world
Dead world
World that no longer works
World that is soulless
World that must change or perish
World guided by the values of killing and death
Of lassitude and the craving for comfort at all costs
World of blinking passivity and sad conformity
This picture is changing in every person of any age
Who resonates to the real meaning of the democratic revolution now in progress
The new world will be beyond sprawl
  It already is

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Damned Right They Should Apologize

What were two Republicans thinking, calling Obama 'tar baby' and 'boy'? - CSMonitor.com

The truth is it is not race alone that fuels the bias and hate of the right
It is the prospect of a world beyond superstition and the little brown church in the vale
This transition is at bottom spiritual and it has to do with things as simple as this
Is Jesus seen as the progenitor of democracy, tolerance and helpfulness
Or is Jesus seen as the vanguard of "Western values" who will whip every last enemy of the Cross and otherwise save a select number who make of religion a going business concern
Between these two poles are millions of nominal Christians
How this group keens in the coming years will probably answer whether the language of these worthies is passe or merely par for the course
Or whether the world incinerates itself or revalues values to conform with Abba's way

The improvement of society is where recovery lies

Wall St slide continues; Dow plunges 400 points - CBS News

It is not just infrastructure that needs a makeover
It is our society itself
The exciting sign that is the sign of our times is not depression
It is rebirth
Rebirth of a society built less on consumption and glitz and more on the simple and enduring things
A society beyond the constrictions of drugs and the vapidity of the nuclear family
A society with more walking and less driving
A society with more and more varied local businesses and services
With more concentration of population
With more attention to public amenities
With design that stops treating people as objects and things
The recovery must be society's recovery
Does anyone see that

Obama Nonviolent - When it Seems Not The Case

Obama, Violence and the Future - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com

In the piece above I argue that the President could be our first Nonviolent Chief Executive
That seems a stretch when we have commandoes on secret missions in over 100 countries
But I am not sure he is not at least open to a turn toward a more realistic peace than we have imagined
The alternative is no less thinkable now than it was when we thought Cold War thoughts
It is in fact fraught with terror
The answer lies in a vast revaluation of values
Values are ontological elements of each human being
They are where freedom is
The only place where it is in terms of our conduct of life
It is to values that we must look
Nonviolence is not a value it is a characteristic like honor and courage
A value is a mode of acting that issues in tangible results
When the result is a nonbullying world it is because more and more people have learned tolerance, democracy and helpfulness and understand that these are universal within each living human being

I've always thought private enterprise should tackle Africa

I've always thought private enterprise should tackle Africa
I always thought it was the only hope
When I was there no one professed hope
That was fifty years ago
Private enterprise could enter into partnership with people and create paradises
They could pioneer ecological solutions
They could become the Club Worlds of Tomorrow
Our private enterprise is roughly synonymous with pusillanimous which means minimally weak of mind and spirit
We build to the micro not the macro
When we build the macro we emulate the past with a patina of green
It is laughable
It is obvious
The timidity and lack of vision of private enterprise shames our recent politics
When I see people forswear their humanitarian angst in favor of some Ayn Rand-scale thinking about things I will bestir myself to penitence for these remarks

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Chew on this Matt Cutts

Brains And Bots Deep Inside Yahoo's CORE Grab A Billion Clicks | Fast Company

I can't help it. He's as arrogant as I am. I will repent anon.

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Nice Picture Commentary Not So Much Happy Birthday Sir

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pres-i-dent — BagNews

Spin spin spin

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This can be said somewhat differently

Another Liar's Paradox | Ontological Anarchy: "'I am a liar' is a foundation for epistemology."

Anything that suggests that we live within a penumbra beyond which we can suppose but cannot see is satisfactory. The point being that nothing we say contains more than provisional veracity. The foundation of epistemology is logic or ontology - whatever you take for being the best starting point.

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Human beings make do with whatever they have

Human beings make do with whatever they have
To survive and to flourish as ever they can
Survival and values are two different things
That merge into progress according to plan

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Of course the tapes are made up your reasoning is spot on

Warren Jeffs: Child Sex Tapes and a Big Brother Cover-Up - The Daily Beast: "“People can make up anything! Remember the moon landing? We never landed on the moon. That was a government conspiracy they just conjured up to fool the American people.” "

Exactly! And those pigs can't even get clearance to land from the FAA because it doesn't exist anymore.

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Here come the thundering hoofbeats of Richard Clarke

China’s Latest Cyberattack Targets 72 Organizations: Should U.S. Retaliate? - The Daily Beast: "Clarke says we could zap malware across the Internet, “the same way they do it. You can destroy the computers involved in the attack. They can pay a price.”"

Go get 'em, Scout!

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So crieth Google's top lawyer

Google Rips Apple, Microsoft - The Daily Beast: "“Patents were meant to encourage innovation, but lately they are being used as a weapon to stop it,”"

Let's see Google has never done anyone any harm right?

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Huntsman still exists perhaps on fumes

Ex-Huntsman Aide Blasts Campaign - The Daily Beast

This does not look overly promising.

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Salmonella The Truth Will Out

Salmonella Surge Linked to Meat Giant - The Daily Beast

In a mass world where responsibility lies hidden and layered
It is never nonexistent
All who are responsible register their responsibility in the magnificent machinery Abba gives us
We call it mind or brain
Abba also lodges common sense and would seem to argue for
Just in case the values that might create more safety
Are being displaced by other values
For we have the freedom to choose the values by which we live
It is the most precious of freedom for it means we can say yes and can say no

I'm Waiting for Flying To End

Think Gene Autry:

I'm waiting for flying to end
Congress had f*****d up again
They won't fund the FFA
Better find some other way
I'm waiting for flying to end

What in God's Name Are We Trying To Protect?

Our Commando War in 120 Countries: Uncovering the Military's Secret Operations In the Obama Era | | AlterNet

A moribund educational system? A moribund commitment to cars, sprawl, polarization and economic stratification? The Kochs? Our outlandish and unsafe commitment to building tall buildings? Our imagination, so it can return to actual use? Our unseemly and tacky reliance on drugs? Commandos in 120 countries? We are transforming our culture into something that nobody even knows the consequences of? We no longer think. We are experts in separate pods. We are lost if this is the wave of our future. We have no more intellectual overview. All the generalists are setting up obfuscatory courses and selling their philosophies.

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The question is is it a driverless car?

Google+ Hits 25 Million Users, Is The Fastest Growing Website Ever - Digg

Other questions: Where is it going? What is it doing? How does it work? Is Facebook trembling? Does it coexist or supplant? Does anybody care?

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Best Comment on this Jesus Gay Wedding Post

What Would Jesus Do If Invited to a Gay Wedding? - Topix: "Jesus would remind us to love one another as He loves us. In modern language he would say, 'This is what I'm talkin' about' and then toast the couple with a glass of his fine wine." Cap Tip Ringbearer

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Why Education is Moribund

Education is moribund in nearly a thousand ways
The categories of moribundity include warehousing of "students", impossible modes of instruction, bullying culture, massive failures and scale problems of prodigious scope
Warehousing is a function of our sclerotic and reified cultural matrix which is auto-centric and doomed to expense itself out of capitalist possibility
The impossible modes of instruction begin with the notion that one teacher fits all with all being an impossible number in most cases - education should begin and continue with the desires and interests of children as they grow and they should have the power to choose how they learn
The bullying culture is reinforced by the notion that herding, with no options or escape, is a proper social objective - it also stems from the failure to teach democracy, tolerance and helpfulness or even to understand the ontological reality of these three active values
Prodigious scale problems relate to our enslavement by sprawl due to the lordship of the private automobile which is retro, obsolete and hardly a basis for robust economic recovery
Proper scale is four-level car free cyber cities of 10 k more or less living within a square mile or so where urban amenities and most functions of life, work and education are carried our within walking distance

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