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Welcome to Bizarro World | Common Dreams: "Embedded in all that bitumen - the tar sands form of crude oil - will be an estimated 150 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions every year. That's more CO2 than the annual emissions of 85 percent of the world's countries. Oil-rich Norway emits a mere 50 million tonnes."

Read it. If I believe anything in the realm of unfolding history, it is that big oil is not our friend.

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Triadic Philosophy will defeat the corporate oil-military-complex juggernaut.

Triadic Philosophy will defeat
the corporate oil-military-complex juggernaut. 
Triadic Philosophy appeals to our 
innate sense of what works,
that is to say, 
of the aesthetic and ethical
foundations of human evolution.
Triadic Philosophy is proper basis for
pattern language, which evolves
human space and makes it liveable.


There is much regarding cyber-communities 
here in this blog via labels and search.
There are also texts on Triadic Philosophy and
Pattern Language at

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Clarke says he knew everything but what could have stopped 9/11

September 11th Anniversary: Richard Clarke's Explosive CIA Cover-up Charge - The Daily Beast

And he blames the Agency. Fact: The agency knew and did not communicate to the White House (Clarke) the existence  in the US of two of the terrorists. Speculation: They may have tried to recruit them. Likelihood: We will never know. Clarke is right to raise the question.

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An amusing cartoon

Cartoons - The Christian Science Monitor - CSMonitor.com

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Dreaming 101

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Just wait for labor unrest to come to full flower

45,000 Union Workers STRIKE Telling Verizon "We Won't Go Back" - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "In an attempt by Verizon to break the union and take away from the middle class workers everything the union has earned through negotiations in the last 50 years."

Best accounts are often from the closest to the reality.

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Free falling iconic photo

About The Iconic London Riots Photo — BagNews

Yes I will post the Tom Petty song too. It is appropriate.

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There once was a man named Freud

Adam's Summer Job at Austin Riggs Center in 1959 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Adam felt right at home in the substantial white building that encloses Austin Riggs Center to this day. Today it has the trappings of a public institution, with a website and various activities. In 1959, it was a bit sleepy, a bit laid back. At the same time, Riggs was then preeminent as a Freudian bastion and as homey a place where troubled folk who could afford it might find relief and hope for their future."

All but forgotten now that drugs have largely replaced analysis. All part of the removal of face to face from the culture.

Just when we thought there was no good news

Clinical trial raises hope for cancer treatment - latimes.com: "In a potential breakthrough in cancer research, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have genetically engineered patients' T cells — a type of white blood cell — to attack cancer cells in advanced cases of a common type of leukemia."

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Tavis Smiley and Cornel West Deserve Each Other

Tavis Smiley: Obama Snubbed Me - The Daily Beast: "Tavis Smiley: Obama Snubbed Me"

Two grousing guys with no news peg other than their resentment because the President has better things to do than listen to things he already knows. Neither man has had an original idea forever. But both have been adept at making believe that the burdens of the world are best understood by watching them and reading their books. They have not learned the best strategy for non-players. Reticence. I cannot imagine any more noxious activity than riding on their bus and listening to their complaints. It is all part of the wonder of Obama that he can unearth the worst wherever it happens to be.

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Anticipated trajectory of the global democratic revolution near term

2011 - Middle East mainly with some minor signs elsewhere
2012 - Europe and UK. Some African countries stirring as we speak. US election either way a stimulus to its ultimate form here
2013 - a major surge as the 2020 generation begins to create its identity (this is the legit successor to the generation of the 1950s and 1960s)
2014 - First of numerous global initiatives that are people centric and aimed at a revaluation of values 

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Dear Mr. Cameron You Won't Win That Way

UPDATE 3-British PM Cameron vows crackdown on rioters | Reuters

If you sing the headline to Mr. Tambourine man, you will capture my mood. The next line is yours.

That new form of community I was talking about

You see some very smart folk had this figured out a century and more ago
They knew that mass culture was not healthy
And that community requires more than blood - say face to face, slower than now
And they understand that the fast driving sprawl world we have is a sclerotic nightmare 
Because once the money runs out it is both unaffordable and the very worst of environments when tattered and left to ruin
Sprawl is already being bulldozed and it will all be gone anon
We need an utterly new ground up grass roots democratic form of community building
Which will resuscitate the possibility of what these folk called gemeinschaft
And the possibility of a vital new jobs environment because all those new kiosks that serve a walking populace will need an expert on hand to relate to passers by
The problem is the way we live well now is pretentious and tacky for the most part
It creates drug dependent anorexic bullying fast talking speed freaks with good abs and empty heads
Going beyond green and integral and community is the way of the future
For all with eyes to see
New cyber cities
The computer was the new automobile
That was true 20 years ago
The economy follows
The consequences emerge

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Somebody start building a new form of community

The Economy Is Doomed, Says Charles R. Morris - The Daily Beast: "We’re Doomed!"

Blah blah blah.

How about this?

Build a car free cyber city in a vacant area a mile square.

No zoning like we have now, the whole thing walkable no more than four stairless levels.

Institutions as cyber kiosks on squares located every 300 feet or so.

Everything big screen and much of it public.

Ecosufficient, earthquake ready and see other posts for similar notions.

No one listens anyway.

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Not so fast the false hope of ending torture and war

The History of Torture—Why We Can't Give It Up: "'A day will come when a cannon will be a museum-piece, as instruments of torture are today,' French author Victor Hugo told the Paris delegates. 'And we will be amazed to think that these things once existed!'"

There is a way to end torture and war but it involves democratic revolution and a revaluation of values. The only freedom we actually possess is a limited one. To choose what we will act on. We act on values. Chosen ontological values are the key to achieving a peaceful world. When we choose things ike nation, power and competition we are making historic choices that have led to historic dooms. When we choose the ontological values of tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry we are in the ballpark of a more peaceful world.

Yes well Under Reagan Bush 1 and Clinton Bipartisan Doom

Rich Executives Spend Millions For Bodyguards To Guard Them From Populist Anger | | AlterNet: "That happens to be the same period during which the top 1 percent of US earners nearly tripled their annual income (PDF). More than a few of them, it seems, have felt compelled to hire men with guns."

Which may be why people are equal opportunity revolutionaries. Throw the whole lot out. Oh yes, you can read all about the reaction at the link above. A growing Executive Protection business as we have allowed incomes to soar as ours fell. Solution? 2012.

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Can billionaire money stop the people from booting Congress out?

CNN Poll: Time to clean house in Congress? – CNN Political Ticker - CNN.com Blogs: "Forty-nine percent say their representative doesn't deserve to be re-elected in 2012. And with ten percent unsure, it's the first time that a majority has indicated that they would boot their representative out of office if they had the chance today."

We are revving up for the battle of the century. The simplest method is to oust every GOP representative in favor of a Democrat and to replace every blue dog Democrat with a Dick Durbin type. Dick Durbin should be the default for all representatives. A decent human being who will compromise and who knows his stuff. That criterion would eliminate most who occupy congressional seats today.

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Oblivious Brutality Benign Genocide

It is the modifiers that mark the Americans
Oblivion is our means of not facing what we do
Benignity is the mask for our remote brutality
Hail fellow implied bully real jailing is our MO

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In the US it is the overclass that is brutal

3quarksdaily: "...The political class may have been caught out, but the culture betrayed signs of problems earlier, telegraphing anxieties of the law-abiding citizenry that a brutal underclass might at any moment elbow its way into their homes."

Oblivious too.

Blunt truth: We do not seem to act in quite the way the British underclass does. But the fear of our overclass has created the polarization, the jail society and the race and class-based bifurcation of everything. In a sense the Black middle class has been the pawn in this process, creating an illusion of progress when what we were getting was continuing polarization. The best resolution may be acknowledging and inventorying some resources of spirit that have in the past enabled us to begin closing the yawning and brutal chasms that exist.

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