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Older is cool

Emotional Health Higher Among Older Americans: "WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans aged 60 and older demonstrate significantly better emotional health than those younger than 60 years. In fact, a septuagenarian is far more likely than someone in their 30s to have high emotional health. These results hold true even after statistically controlling for gender, race, education, marital status, employment, income, and regional location."

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We are a classless knock-off society

Daily Kos :: State of the Nation: "I've come to believe that this 'fuzzy middle' myth that has no real meaning in relationship to power hierarchies or dynamics is probably one of our greatest obstacles against working for meaningful change and redistribution of wealth."

It is pricing and alleged value that now defines us all. Class is meaningless and has been so for decades. Marx was wrong in his analysis but right on this conclusion. Capitalism creates and maintains the knock off society where cost is a function of wealth not utility and in some cases not of quality. Only when hurt is real does what used to be class emerge.

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Memo to the White House: The Issue is Obama not the Economy

The economy is what is known as a self evidentObama is what is known as a conundrumEveryone knows the 2008 change agentNow we need to know the change agent once again Since he has tasted the uncompromising racist bile of the enemyIn that contest we need the Obama of Philadelphia To reprise the story of the last two yearsI trust the President to write that speech himself and to deliver it With the apposite timing that was Philadelphia and TucsonPeople understand that the GOP has stalled the economy and why - to defeat Obama
The president once brushed off the fatuous the Hillary effortHe can brush off the recent pastBut not without understanding that it is he not the economy that is the issue in 2012He must personally unravel the conundrum he has become And explain how he sees an America beyond the great divideHe has not faced that because it is a scary move beyond oil and corporate dominanceDaley does not understand this Plouffe maybe a littleObama knows it but has not faced itI know it…

The day intelligence died

Bay of Pigs: Newly Revealed CIA Documents Expose Blunders - The Daily Beast: "On a day of chaos and infamy in April 1961, Lynch would soon understand the consequences of his shooting. He had fired on his agency’s own planes, which were trying to protect the U.S.-led Cuban exiles invading the island from being slaughtered by Castro’s forces. “We couldn’t tell them from the Castro planes,” Lynch later explained."
And most probably when JFK's sad fate may have been sealed.

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China as smog

Beijing -- more hopeful than U.S.? - "Scocca: Filth. I apologize to Beijing, a noble and ancient and dynamic city, for this, but the very first impression the city left me with was the burning smell of smog, seeping into the airplane before it even reached the gate. And out the window just this yellow-gray nothingness. Beijing would very quickly overwhelm me with its size, its complexity and its ceaseless activity, too, but before and on top of everything else, there was the smog."

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Actually Pawlenty was the winner of the top three in Iowa

Michele Bachmann wins Iowa straw poll, edging out Ron Paul - "Rep. Michele Bachmann took 29 percent of the votes in the Iowa straw poll on Saturday, topping the field of GOP presidential hopefuls. Rep. Ron Paul came in second and Tim Pawlenty a distant third."
In this dismal charade Pawlenty had the sense to pull out of the race after finishing third. Paul and Bachmann will hang in and lose. The thing is already Perry's unless we can find a very large skeleton somewhere. Remember when we tried that with W? Listening Dan?

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The 1960s civil rights movement was mostly hidden

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement -- Literacy and Liberation: "This was an opening session in an unusual citizenship education program that is held once each month at Dorchester Center, Mcintosh, Georgia for the purpose of helping adults help educate themselves. In a five day course, those three words became the basis of a new education in citizenship for the Negroes and whites who attended the training session. Each participant left with a burning desire to start their own Citizenship Education schools among their own communities."

But we are bringing it to light now. Because the time is coming when this light will spread worldwide, nonviolent and refemptive.

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When suicide killers are predictable best be elsewhere

19 dead in attack on Afghan governor's compound - CBS News: "(AP) KABUL, Afghanistan -- A team of six suicide bombers launched a coordinated assault on a provincial governor's compound in eastern Afghanistan on Sunday, killing 19 people in the latest high-profile attack to target prominent Afghan government officials, authorities said."

This is why freedom of movement is a good idea on the human rights front and why we should never have fought a ground war here or in Iraq. There are also salient arguments why we should have engaged in no wars whatsoever.

Did I mention that Iraq is now supporting Syria. Good call W.

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Cool August Reading

BEYOND CREED - Stephen Rose : IUniverse: "'Creedal messianism' is Stephen Rose's original term for the belief system that the church, including original witnesses, created to obscure Jesus' iconoclastic understanding of the gospel. Rose argues that messianism is a cruel virus which eats away at the very essence of selfhood. In Beyond Creed he shows how messianism has hampered very progress Jesus sought to bring about on earth."

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C. S. Peirce Still Largely Unknown Framer of This Century

Peirce's Arisbe: The Rationale of the Website

Born 1839 and died 1914, Peirce's adult life spanned the period from the American Civil War to the beginning of the First World War, but he is of special and growing interest at present, both internationally and to people in many fields and disciplines, not because of his historical influence -- still largely unappreciated by most historians of the period -- but rather because of his remarkable and unparalleled anticipation of the emerging themes of the 21st Century:Well worth proceeding

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Here's the Nub of Perry

Rick Perry Officially Joins Race for President - "“He becomes immediately one of the top three candidates, and he fills a vacuum — of someone who is a conservative, who has credibility and can speak to the fiscal conservative, anti-big-government and anti-Washington crowd, but he’s also a social conservative,” said Matthew Dowd, a former strategist for President George W. Bush."
It takes one to know one. Dowd has Perry pegged and if you want W again vote for him. The Texas miracle is worthy of L. Frank Baum's sweet acidic pen.

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Is Rupert really afraid of Roger Ailes?

How the Head of Fox News Is Making Americans More Right-Wing, More Ignorant and Ever More Terrified | Tea Party and the Right | AlterNet: "How the Head of Fox News Is Making Americans More Right-Wing, More Ignorant and Ever More Terrified"
In addition to his manifold sins, Roger Ailes has been appointed by the deity to immunize Americans to political bile by dishing out so much of it that we have a major reaction. It took in 2008 when Sean Hannity helped Barack Obama vault to victory. With any luck Roger will pull it off again in 2012.

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This will delight the healthy until they get sick

Here's a squib on the way to a final decision on the individual mandate. Do we pay for health the way we pay for insurance on a car or a home. Or do we value our body-mind so little that we will see a society mired in sprawl whose people are more and more at risk as they grow older? Good going judges. And now the highest judges of all. I tremble to think.

Appeals Court Strikes Health Insurance Requirement - Topix: "A federal appeals court panel on Friday struck down the requirement in President Barack Obama's health care overhaul package that virtually all Americans must carry health insurance or face penalties."

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