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My faith is renewed by not believing as evangelicals do

Evangelicals Question The Existence Of Adam And Eve : NPR: "Mohler and others say if other Protestants want to accommodate science, fine. But they shouldn't be surprised if their faith unravels."
No unraveling here. Just a different faith that happens to be what Jesus proclaimed in Mark 1. Our sinfulness does not need Adam and eve t prove that it exists. All it needs is an awareness that sin is the unwillingness to acknowledge the reality of Abba within. We are to follow the way of Abba not worship Jesus. He did not want our worship. Christian theology is a form of escapism.

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Let's stop calling a global thing an Arab spring

Analysis: India risks facing its own Arab Spring | Reuters
This is media reductionism. This is a century long revolution that will touch every country on earth and peel away layer and layer of corruption, dictatorship, bullying, gratuitous violence and uncivil actions. he result will be a world where universal regard and concern for the community transcends petty nationalism and narcissistic self regard.

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UK joins US in unfair sentencing binge

London Riots: Britain’s Crazy Crackdown on Young Protesters - The Daily Beast: "Jordan Blackshaw never reached the riot he’d planned. At the height of last week’s disturbances, the 20-year-old posted a message on a social-networking site urging friends to gather at the local McDonald’s in Northwich, a quiet town in northwest England for an evening of “lootin’.” But his call on Facebook went unanswered. Only the police, alerted to the message, appeared at the restaurant. Blackshaw was arrested and charged with inciting violent disorder."
We have done it on drugs mainly. UK is doling out four sentences for a Facebook post.

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BET Break

I'll be back to my tricks in a while.Somehow BET found me and wants such wisdom as I have to offer on the civil rights days in the 1960s.No one ever does  that.So why not?
Back at 3:09A successful half hourFor a MLK Memorial program BET is doing
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Church submission stuff is secondary to Jesus' liberation POV

Are Michele Bachmann's Views About 'Christian Submission' Even More Extreme Than She's Letting On? | | AlterNet
Jesus did not suffer from the diseases of his followers. Particularly the authority one. I mean the patriarchy one. He dealt equally with all genders and all sorts and conditions. And he propounded values that make Christian submission understandable as a reaction to a misunderstood messenger from one Abba who lives in heaven and in each of us and is always ready to enlighten us on the saving values.

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How does one lead when no one's on your side?

Gallup: Obama job rating sinks below 40% for first time -
Saul (Alinsky) said a leader is anyone with a following. Prescient, eh? President Obama has a definite enemy. The GOP. But his most debilitating enemy is his lackluster party known as the Democrats. They have supported him the way Iago supported Othello or Edmund supported Lear. So those of us who do support him are a pretty tawdry bunch. My advice to the President is to locate as many leaders as he can and meet with them. Forget all the Town Hall stuff. Show that you have gravitas with leaders of all sorts and conditions. Make a habit of getting headlines like Obama meets with business leaders, trade leaders, Nascar leaders, rights leaders and so forth and so on.

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It is completely reasonable that religion recede

Goodbye Religion? How godlessness Is Increasing With Each New Generation - Digg: " — This demographic transformation has been in progress ever since World War II, but in recent years it's begun to seriously pick up steam."
However it is more reasonable that people doff their nominalism for Peirce's pragmaticism - advocated here - which opens the door to a non-idolatrous spirituality based on the awareness of universal values that were here before you were born and before they were distorted and mangled by religion.

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GOP's vengeful attitude toward women knows no bounds

Drawing a Line in the Sand: Stopping Politicians from Taking Away Insurance Coverage for Abortion Care » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "Today the ACLU and the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri filed a case challenging a Kansas law that prohibits insurance companies from providing abortion coverage in their comprehensive plans. Since 2010, 13 states have passed laws prohibiting some or all insurance plans from covering abortion care. Kansas's law is the first to take effect, and our lawsuit is the first to take a step toward putting an end to this growing trend."
Liberty is the right to get the insurance you need without the GOP hassling you or creating the stage for your full demise - one less voter you know.

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We would not want that bullying info to get out

ACLU Sues Missouri School District for Illegally Censoring LGBT Websites » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "Can't say we didn't warn them. Back in May, as part of our Don't Filter Me project, the ACLU sent a letter to the Camdenton School District informing them that the web filters they use on school computers were unconstitutionally blocking access to hundreds of LGBT websites, including sites that contain anti-bullying information and other resources for student gay-straight alliances. We informed them that if they failed to disable the filter, they would be 'subject to legal liability and the expense of litigation…'"

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First laugh of the day

Tobacco Companies Sue Over Labels - The Daily Beast: "Five tobacco companies have sued the FDA to overturn a law requiring graphic health warnings on cigarette packages. The companies argue that the new labels, which cover 50 percent of packages and include images of dead bodies and rotten teeth, will make customers 'depressed, discouraged and afraid” of their products."
I hate the TV ads that show people having coughing fits and think there is overkill involved. But I have no sympathy with the current efforts of big tobacco to push their products on the poor nations. That is sick avoidance of the writing on the wall and conscious murder. It is against the law of Abba. There is another thing. I betcha dollars to donuts that anti-regulator Rick Perry is on tobacco's side, litigation and all.

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The difference between Obama and Carter

Carter personalized everything As in taking everything personally On Rick Perry's attacks he would say something defensive Obama is way beyond personal He allows thought to intervene His skin has been thickened by reality When he responds to Perry the tone is not defensive It is at once light and ominous It is, He needs to be a little careful with what he says Ominous subtext, That kind of talk can come back to bite you big time The difference between Obama and Carter is that Rick Perry will be doing no negotiating behind Obama's back to further humiliate a vulnerable human being Rick Perry will be wondering how he can dislike W so and be seen as W Squared

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Mark McKinnon's Best Dream Is Phony

Rick Perry Burns the GOP 2012 Field, Polling Ahead of Bachmann, Romney - The Daily Beast: "Malaise may mar the sitting president’s reelection plans, and Perry may play Ronald Reagan to Romney's George H.W. Bush to Obama’s Jimmy Carter."

Dream on Mark. You have not been prescient thus far. We have already given Perry the nomination. And the actual title he will have in the campaign - Bush 3. Your effort to Carterize Obama will be dispatched by facts. Obama has been the best fighter we have had to stave off the vast right wing conspiracy that took its giant step forward when Obama was elected. Your party has had a giant race card to play and plays it with impunity. Obama has responded with rope-a-dope while conservatives exulted and progressives squirmed. So dream on Mark. It will be a tough and even brutal election. But we need to be fully aware right now that we are not looking at a Ronald Reagan - bad as that might be. We are looking at a W, at a Bush 3, at a Jaws of He…

Porn all over but don't dare breastfeed in the workplace

Want to Breastfeed Your Baby? You're Fired! » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "Heather did what you would hope she would do. She told her employer that she had a right to pump at work. And what was her employer's response? Heather was terminated, not because of any performance issues, but because of the 'conflict' she had caused over her need to pump at work."
The ACLU is going to bat for Heather. We need to free up work big time. End the office. Restructure community. Flex to the max. People rule.

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The quality of mercy saveth money

Safety in Numbers? » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: "In the last decade, New York drastically reduced its prison population and at the same time experienced a huge drop in crime. Indiana, on the other hand, drastically increased its prison population — and consequently the burden to taxpayers — while seeing a much smaller drop in crime than the national average."

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