Ouch Swish Flied Out to End The 9th

Yanks lose a heartbreaker to Oakland,

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Bradley Manning Deserves Our Support

Bradley Manning Support Network » About: The Bradley Manning Support Network is an ad hoc, international grassroots effort to help accused whistle blower Pfc. Bradley Manning.

President Obama should release Manning immediately and apologize.

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It is impossible to have an idea with the logic of the current GOP

If I was the GOP 
An impossibility now because of their acceptance of hate and racism at their edge seeping toward their center
I would first make nice with the President and pass things that are essentially conservative at their core
After doing that and ushering in one of the great progressive eras of our history I would run in order to share the spoils
They could have done ths
That they did not was and is one of the major political tragedies of our time

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If I'm Obama I Am Smiling

GOP Elite: 2012 Field is Hopeless - The Daily Beast: Conservative intellectuals don't have a candidate in the 2012 GOP primary, and they're making their worry more and more public. "To many conservative elites, Rick Perry is a dope, Michele Bachmann is a joke, and Mitt Romney is a fraud," Politico reports, citing a series of Wall Street Journal editorials that wrote Romney out of the race and dismissed Bachmann and Perry as unelectable.

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Best Eastern Quake Coverage I Have Found So Far

East Coast Quake: Nuclear Reactors Taken Offline - ABC News

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Tiny Quake Felt Right Here

I wondered what it was but I have been in a quake before. Probably something from a distance. A quake felt in the heart of Manhattan is something indeed. It makes you think.

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An apparent upper hand for the rebels

Libyan rebels storm Gahdafi's Tripoli compound - Yahoo! News: An Associated Press reporter at the scene said the compound's green gates were blasted open and hundreds of rebels were pouring into the complex, some driving golf carts as the area resounded with celebratory gunfire.

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Detroit's Champion of Change

Finding Resilience in Detroit | The White House: On August 18th, 2011, I was honored to be a recipient of Champion of Change, “Winning the Future” award and to be invited White House to discuss the role of small businesses in changing America’s future.

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Stupidity and gullibility on the law enforcement front

Is the FBI Catching Terrorists, or Coaching Them? - Truthdig: A new investigation by Mother Jones reveals that the FBI has cultivated a huge network of informants and spies, many of whom are directed to seek out disgruntled Muslims. “And then, in case after case, the government provides the plot, the means, and the opportunity” to commit terrorist attacks, Trevor Aaronson writes.

I know jobs are hard to find but this is absurd. More than absurd. A travesty.

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Yes and don't expect housing to come back anytime soon

New Home Sales Fall; 2011 May Be Record Low - TIME: Housing remains the weakest part of the economy. Last year was the worst for new-home sales on records that go back nearly 50 years.

There is no less economical way to live than in a detached home that requires one or more of everything that can be shared in a cluster of dwellings. We need to create new cyber cities beyond sprawl and the need to own automobiles. And until we do housing will remain moribund.

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Apposite comment on the unfair "Fair Tax"

Perry Backs Radical National Sales Tax Plan To Starve Federal Government | TPMDC: There's a practical problem with a national sales tax of 30% or so: when you have a tax that high, there is an enormous incentive to cheat. Federal income taxes only work because for most people, the money is withheld by their employer automatically. When you put such a high tariff on goods, you'll create an enormous black market, with the attendant organized crime problem. You've just created a viable business model for a whole new kind of mafia. Cap tip ElRonbo

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One of my favorites

How Beautiful upon The Mountain

Original song  MP3

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Who said this and when?

Obama’s Wesleyan Commencement Address Text | Stephen C. Rose:

And so, should you take the path of service, should you choose to take up one of these causes as your own, know that you’ll experience frustrations and failures. Even your successes will be marked by imperfections and unintended consequences. I guarantee you, there will certainly be times when friends or family urge you to pursue more sensible endeavors with more tangible rewards. And there will be times when you are tempted to take their advice.

Our prescient future President in 2008.

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And I suspect he will settle the civil case

Dominique Strauss Kahn dismissal: DA Cyrus Vance plans to ask judge to dismiss case this week.

I am sure DSK is happy with our legal system, so fair and unbiased it is.

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Don't understand it but it sounds good

Nano bundles pack a powerful punch: Solid-state energy storage takes a leap forward: Rice University researchers have created a solid-state, nanotube-based supercapacitor that promises to combine the best qualities of high-energy batteries and fast-charging capacitors in a device suitable for extreme environments.

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Well, who can argue with that?

Keith Olbermann: Rep. Eric Cantor ‘an idiot tool of the rich’ | Raw Replay: “This is a society where the 400 richest people made 17 billion dollars among them in 1992 and paid 29 percent tax. Three years ago, the top 400 made 90 billion dollars and paid 21-and-a-half percent tax.”

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Rick Perry is Bush 3 - Next Installment

Rick Perry disavows 9-month-old book ‘Fed Up!’ | The Raw Story: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has disavowed views put forward in his book Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington just one week into his presidential campaign and only 9 months after it was first published in November 2010.

In Texas opportunity is not what you say as much as who you serve. When you serve big business and big oil and take your marching orders from billionaires, words are just journo-candy.

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He didn't

Quotation Search - Quote Search - The Quotations Page: I know not, sir, whether Bacon wrote the works of Shakespeare, but if he did not it seems to me that he missed the opportunity of his life.
James M. Barrie (1860 - 1937)

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Simple. We value life more when it is threatened

BBC News - Why do so many disabled people embark on dangerous feats?: A new documentary with Prince Harry follows four wounded servicemen on a trek to the North Pole. But why do so many disabled people embark on adventures that most "able" people wouldn't even think of doing?

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If this is the shocker, psychology has work to do for sure

The End of Groupthink | Psychology Today: (And this was a shocker) Better ideas come out of a brainstorming group when its members are told explicitly to be more imaginative, unique, and valuable. In other words, when brainstorming, don't turn off your critical faculties entirely, but don't focus on what you think will work, about what has worked before, or about what is familiar.

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NCAA rule breaking and other depravities

This Week’s Top MuckReads: Corporate Chicanery and Corruption in Football - ProPublica: A colorful picture of rampant NCAA rule-breaking within the University of Miami football team emerges from 100 hours of jailhouse interviews, 20,000 pages of financial records, and 5,000 pages of cell phone interviews.

A service of Pro Publica.

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Prisons don't work as they were meant to

Per Caritatem: As to reducing crime, the prison system has failed; neither has it meet its goal of rehabilitating and reforming inmates. Yet, failures to meet its tactical aims have morphed into numerous “successful” strategies which now seem ineradicable from modern society.

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Back to the fifties again (Memoir)

Adam Works at the New York State Psychiatric Institute 1958 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: Within a week of his visit to Norbert, Adam was once again getting used to the smells and sounds of Manhattan, He had a summer job as an attendant in the children's ward at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. His first act was to get reestablished on 86th Street. Though Mechizedek might be in and out on weekdays, Adam was pretty much the sole occupant of the Panflick apartment

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No go for Facebook challenger

Facebook Lawsuit Motion Denied by Judge: A judge has denied a series of motions by an upstate New York businessman who claims to have co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg.

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King Memorial Coming

Behind King Memorial, One Fraternity's Long Battle : NPR: The thousands of visitors at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington this week will reflect on the controversial likeness of the man, his legacy and the significance of the first nonpresident — and first African-American — immortalized on the National Mall.

I was actually interviewed for this. I doubt that any of it will survive. But what King stood for will indeed survive and flourish because it is stronger than Exxon and Ford and the devious servants of evil in the world.

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Roger Ailes is evil and mentally deficient

Rewrite, Sugarcoat, Ignore: 8 Ways Conservatives Misremember American History—for Partisan Gain | The Nation: The mortgage crisis began in 2006 and it’s all President Obama’s fault—at least according to Fox News host Sean Hannity. Hannity recently blamed Obama—“his policies, his economic plan, his fault”—for the mortgage crisis, ignoring who was actually president (that would be George W. Bush) as the housing market slipped.

Let me be clear. Evil is facilitating death and underlying the conservative push is servanthood of big oil which I identify as a cause of death. Mentally deficient are all those who live without some sense of internal values that are what Abba intends everyone to have. These include non-idolatry, helpfulness, tolerance and democracy. These are not the principal values of Mr. Ailes. Oh, Roger is the head of FOX news. He pulls the strings on the likes of Sean Hannity.

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This sounds about right

Economists see no 2nd recession, no real recovery - Business - msnbc.com: WASHINGTON — Another recession isn't likely over the next 12 months. Neither is any meaningful improvement in the economy.

Must I repeat that housing is in limbo because the arrangement is all wrong. We need cohesive communities and mass-produced spaces that fit together like lego blocks. Today's construction is obsolete and too expensive to sustain. The same can be said of transportation. It is a mess. Our society is not thinking seriously about creating a new ... society.

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Advertisement for a non-messianic Christianity

Creedal Messianism is a Betrayal of What Jesus Lived and Died For - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: Creedal messianism in any costume is a betrayal of what Jesus lived and died for.

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This is foreign aid with a neocon slant, right?

S.C. Sen. Graham: U.S. should spend more on foreign aid | McClatchy: COLUMBIA, S.C. — U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham on Monday called on the U.S. government to send more money to Middle East countries in turmoil to push them toward democracy.

Last I saw Lindsey he looked awful. Is he OK? One is tempted to say that being wingnut-immersed is not good for the constitution. Did I say constitution?

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You thought lobbyists were only in DC?

Top Ten Lobbying Firms in City of Los Angeles, 2007-2009 | MAPLight.org - Money and Politics: The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission (LACEC) provides detailed lobbyist disclosure reports for in-house lobbyists and lobbying firms registered with the City of Los Angeles.

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Entry into Peirce's Neglected Argument

Metaponderance: A Fascinating Feature of Peirce's "Neglected Argument": I just came across an article by the founder of pragmatism, C.S. Peirce, titled "A Neglected Argument for the Reality of God." Its content is tremendously relevant to this conversation. Peirce thought that "many of the [scientists] of [his] generation" believed in the reality of God, without knowing it. Why? Because "the discoveries of science, [with] their enabling us to predict what will be the course of nature, is proof conclusive that . . . we can catch a fragment of [God's] thought."

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Papua perils

Indonesia: Hope and Hard Reality in Papua - International Crisis Group: The conflict in Indonesian Papua continues to defy solution, but some new ideas are on the table. A spike in violence in July and August 2011 underscores the urgency of exploring them.

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Any sort of messianism is a no-no

Paul Kahn’s mis-prognosis of America’s social imaginary « The Immanent Frame: In the twentieth century, this belief in the nation’s messianic mission has coupled itself with secular liberalism’s project of universalizing human rights, by force if necessary. The rhetoric leading up to and justifying the Second Gulf War is one recent example, but the admixture of the two logics of redemption, millennial eschatology and secular teleology, has elicited valid suspicions of expansionism (markets, client states, geo-political influence) and accusations of ethically disproportional (mass destructive) means whenever the U.S. has embarked on a mission to make part of the world “safe for democracy.”

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If you are not happy with the DSK decision

LecherWatch ‘11 « I Blame The Patriarchy: Well knock me over with a feather. Leering French f**k Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s gonna walk.

Asterisks mine. So throw a stone.

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Fixing human rights blame in Somalia

“You Don’t Know Who to Blame” | Human Rights Watch: This report documents numerous abuses during renewed fighting in the past year by parties to the 20-year-long conflict in Somalia. These include the Islamist armed group al-Shabaab, the Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG), the African Union peacekeeping forces (AMISOM), and Kenya- and Ethiopia-backed Somali militias. The report also examines abuses by the Kenyan police and crimes committed by bandits in neighboring Kenya against Somali refugees.

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Nothing like a military court to dispense justice in Bahrain

Bahrain Government Makes U—Turn on Military Courts | Human Rights First: “The world needs to take notice that the government of Bahrain has brought back its discredited military courts, which is further evidence that meaningful reform in that country is an illusion,” said Human Rights First’s Brian Dooley. “I met with many people in Bahrain last month who had been told their cases would now be heard in civilian instead of military courts. They were lied to.”

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Let's all slurp some Libyan oil

Hullabaloo: Western nations — especially the NATO countries that provided crucial air support to the rebels — want to make sure their companies are in prime position to pump the Libyan crude.

And maybe build a little more sprawl. Bad business as usual.

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When Clinton (Bill) History Is Written It Will Be A Very Mixed Bag

Welfare Reform Leaving More In Poverty

Yes and Glass-Steagall repeal was the coup de grace. Sic transit Rhodes scholars.

We are in a deeper place than politics alone can resolve. So why blame Bill. Just don't lionize the incapable.

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It stands to reason that the church has obscured who Jesus was

Historical Jesus Theories: Study of the historical Jesus has never been as intense as it is in the present.

Had the church said Christianity is a way and not a creed, the church would have been less an institution and more a movement and there would have been no divisive proselytizing. Probably too much to expect. Now we are left with a zillion efforts to move beyond the obvious conundrum.

Tripoli headlines are getting tenser

Fighting Erupts in Tripoli - WSJ.com: TRIPOLI, Libya—Fresh fighting has broken out in Tripoli hours after Col. Moammar Gadhafi's son resurfaced to thwart rebel claims he had been captured and rally supporters.

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Abba is available to human beings (Podcast)

TalkShoe - Audio

Real good news.

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All evangelists have feet of clay - not a good occupation

Pakistan: Islamic Televangelist Caught Out by Behind-the-Scenes Video · Global Voices: Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, a Pakistani Islamic televangelist and host of numerous religious shows, has become the epicenter of bloggers’ criticism lately after a behind-the-scenes video was released. The video depicted Dr. Amir, a notable religious scholar who otherwise poses as a humble, moral man, uttering abuse and profanities as well as religious blasphemy.

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So don't work in housing or finance

Energy States Lead in Job Creation, Financial States Struggle: The finance states of the Northeast and housing states of the West have the worst job markets

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No one said that Genesis remains right regarding the need to work for a living

What Happens When Robots Replace Cheap Labor? - Forbes: I’d argue that this loss of opportunity would extend to urban areas in China, as well. Not only are opportunities for rural workers going to go missing, but urban workers are going to lose jobs and opportunities as well. This will be especially true if, as I’ve suggested, cheap robot labor makes Western countries more attractive to locate factories to, because there are more educated workers and a better infrastructure for high tech. If that turns out to be the case, then that would impact higher skilled jobs, as well.

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These White House arrests are sure getting a lot of news coverage

162 Arrested at White House Sit-ins Against Tar Sands Pipeline: WASHINGTON, DC, August 22, 2011 (ENS) -' "Yes we can," about 65 protesters chanted this morning as they began a third day of sit-ins in front of the White House, calling for President Barack Obama to reject a permit for the Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline from Canada.'

I've been looking at the Web this morning and this is the first inkling I've found. Good coverage guys. There is nothing more pertinent that to protest anything related to achieving recovery via big oil and gas. They are the problem not the solution.

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Education: If you read the whole Brill article you realize that no one has the answer

Steven Brill's Class Warfare: Are teachers unions the enemy? - Yahoo! News: "In his buzzy new book Class Warfare: Inside the Fight to Fix America's Schools, Steven Brill — founder of Court TV and The American Lawyer — argues that teachers unions are the main cause of our failing public schools because they value teachers more than students."

I stick to my argument. The missing ingredient is putting the student (not the teacher) first. No curiosity no learning.

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Daily Kos could do better than aggregate pundits

Daily Kos :: State of the Nation

But what do I know? You decide.

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Koch light bulb bill is a laughable twist in a demonic process of usurpation of democracy

Dim Bulbs in Congress | Common Dreams: Any doubt about this was erased in July when House tea partiers joined old-school right-wing ranters to pass a light bulb bill. This was the culmination of a loopy crusade by the billionaire Koch brothers to stop the spread of energy-efficient light bulbs.

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Irene gains strength approaching Eastern seaboard

Irene's winds whip the Dominican Republic, U.S. may see storm - CNN.com: "The storm was already stronger than we were forecasting. We noted an upward trend in our intensity forecast. Bringing it up to a Category 3 in 24 hours when it's over the southeast Bahamas and then showing the system approaching Category 4 strength thereafter as it starts to move northwestward," John Cangialosi, a specialist with the Miami-based Hurricane Center, said.

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Tweeting your way to justice maybe

'Flash mob' crimes: How good are police at tracking down culprits? - CSMonitor.com: When 25 teens looted a 7-Eleven on Aug. 13, outside Germantown, Md., local police posted a surveillance video on YouTube and visited a local high school with pictures of the perpetrators. Within days, 15 of the 26 suspects were identified.

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Your source for questions about the Civil Rights Movement in the South

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Big Oil Performs as Usual in Africa

The Effects of Oil Companies' Activities on the Environment, Health and Development in sub-Saharan Africa | Chatham House: Independent thinking on international affairs: While oil companies are implementing certain measures to address these impacts, corporate social responsibility activities largely remain piecemeal and short-term, community engagement is inadequate and requirements for accountability and transparency are either insufficient or not enforced.

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If Karl Rove thinks Palin will run it must be true

Could a Palin presidential bid rewrite the campaign rulebook? - Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "Each campaign that I have ever run in these 20 years of elective office have been kind of unconventional, right, Todd?" Palin told reporters at the Iowa state fair. "We've always been outspent, two-to-one, five-to-one, ten-to-one. Never won any polls heading into election night. But usually won the election. So it would be unconventional and very grass roots."

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There are some who have stuck with the President through thick and thin

Greg Jones' BLACKS 4 BARACK ! Official Site: Welcome to the OFFICIAL SITE for Blacks4Barack !...a multi-racial, net/grassroots organization est. in Feb. 2007 to increase support for Barack Obama for President. Recognized nationwide as America's PRO-OBAMA Site/Org., Greg Jones (Cleveland, Ohio) is National Director.

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Where else can you doff fundamentalism in 188 pages?

BEYOND CREED - Stephen Rose : IUniverse: BEYOND CREED
from religion to spirituality
By Stephen Rose

Published: 8/30/2006
Format: E-Book
Pages: 188
ISBN: 978-0-59585-142-3
Print Type: B/W

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Things are more chaotic in Libya than they seem (Photo)

Saif Wins the Internet — BagNews

We thought this guy was nabbed. Maybe when he is not smiling, we can declare a definitive victory,

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More imperishable memoir prose

Adam Swerves Away from His Woman Problem 1957-1958 - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: I note with chagrin the length of the previous chapter. I will try hard to make this one as thin as can be. We do not want to over-write. You can read in the words of the title that I will be performing a prodigious feat. Accounting for a time in which Adam acts with uncharacteristic definiteness.

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Recondite playboy nostalgia pre-Foucault

Kempt - The 12 Original Playboys of the Jetset Sixties: Of course, JFK, Sachs and the rest of The Original Playboys benefited from the absence of an insatiable 24/7 media sloth. That said, the Playboys of the jet-set 60’s were, above all else, well-mannered men of class and dignity. Camera crews from TMZ, The Insider, and whatever ridiculous program Mario Lopez is currently hosting could have followed Jack Kennedy day and night for twenty years and not once would they have caught him snapping and sending a photo of his testicles to a middle-aged Los Vegas blackjack dealer. (That’s not to say Kennedy wouldn’t have romanced and actually slept with such a woman — precisely the contrary.)

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Angola needs a Jane Jacobs

Angola to forcibly evict hundreds of families | Amnesty International: Hundreds of families in Angola’s southern city of Lubango could be left destitute, as authorities prepare to demolish their homes on Thursday to build a new road.

They do a lot worse there.

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Remaking America would be more like it

Make It In America: How We Can Bring Manufacturing Back (No, Really) | Economy | AlterNet: What we need in this country is something that has helped other countries grow but is anathema to our “free market” discourse: a comprehensive industrial policy that brings the private sector and government together to encourage us to "make it in America" once again.

Making places car free
Making alternative forms of transportstion
Making schools that are less like factories
Making lego-spaces as a step to new cyber-cities
Making public squares
Re-densifying areas

$36 a day for 11 years?

Man feeds parking meter for 11 years - Holy Kaw!: By feeding the meter all day, he knows he's violating section 4-08(h) of the traffic rules, but says those laws are an "infringement of his freedom" and that the city's enforcement is "Draconian."

OK, fine.

If it happened in Venice was it national

National Go Topless Day (NSFW) - Digg: laweekly.com — Dozens of topless women and men descended on Venice on Sunday, August 21. The purported cause: gender equality...

Natural maybe ...

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Florida manifests a primitive lack of wisdom

Told You So: Florida's New Drug Testing Policy Already Costing Taxpayers More » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union: The Department of Children and Families' central region has tested 40 applicants since the law went into effect six weeks ago, and of those 40 applicants, 38 tested negative for drugs. The cost to the state of Florida to reimburse those 38 individuals who tested negative was at least $1,140 over the course of six weeks. Meanwhile, denying benefits to the two applicants who tested positive will save Florida less than $240 a month.

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Abba is within us at hand in all we are and do

Abba's Way Premises - Abba's Way - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com:

Abba is within us
At hand in all we are and do
Abba is One Whom we experience as conscience and as confidence
As strength and power to change
As deep internal liberty
The strength to be at peace
Forgiving ourselves and all others
And receiving our forgiveness in return
Note only as we give will we receive

At least Tweet it :)

Abba's Way - Stephen C. Rose : IUniverse: Abba's Way
By Stephen C. Rose

Published: 12/19/2005
Format: E-Book
Pages: 170
ISBN: 978-0-59582-172-3
Print Type: B/W

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Get Triadic

The Slow as Molasses Press