Prescience on Rick Perry aka Bush 3

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Despite His Protests Perry is a W Clone:

"Be very frightened

He will be the GOP nominee"

August 11, 2011

Prescience on Rick Perry. A month before the post above I started the warnings. And since writing the post noted above I have been insisting that Perry is Bush 3. I mention this merely to suggest that you can sometimes find things here that you will not find for days or weeks or much longer. A small blog like this has few chances to be seen and can only depend on readers who help it along.

Three Yank grand slams. What can I say. We need to feel good about something!

Oakland Athletics at New York Yankees - August 25, 2011 | MLB.com Gameday:

Three Yank grand slams. What can I say. We need to feel good about something!

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These hurricane dangers are worth knowing about

Don't Discuss Hazards Pictures - CBS News:

Photos with elucidating text to the right.

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How Rick Perry Bush 3 Wreaked Government Chaos in Texas

How Rick Perry Created His State's $27 Billion Budget Crisis | | AlterNet:

Bush three is looking worse every day.

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President Dick Cheney (Book Cover)

Cheney’s Audacious Memoir Cover (And Claim to the Empire) — BagNews:


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Evoking Martin Luther King in Music (MP3)

Let Justice Roll Down (MP3)

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Barriers to scientific community

"Perhaps the greatest impediments to this development of scientific community, at least in Peirce's opinion, were hubristic ego, especially expressed as a lack of humility, perhaps including not even sufficiently acknowledging the impact of the work of others on his own, or misrepresenting it as, for example, so many "thieves of Peirce" have done; or this putative scientist-philosopher hasn't a real desire to learn the truth, in other words, he has some other motive, like advancing his career, acquiring fame & fortune, etc.

"Peirce famously says that logic is rooted in the social principle, tantamount to saying, at least in one sense, that reason and reasonableness, philosophical and scientific accomplishment necessarily require the creation of 'communicational communities'."

From a post to a Pierce discussion group. Cap tip Gary R.

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Thorstein Veblen was smarter than subsequent economists

Thorstein Veblen on the Web - Associated Content from Yahoo! - associatedcontent.com: "Thorstein Veblen is happily to be found on the Web. Thorstein Veblen was the most acerbic and salient economist of our history. That's an opinion. Once fashionable, Thorstein Veblen has stood the test of time and emerged true prophet of consumer culture and its huge internal contradictions."

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John McCain and Lindsey Graham

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Obama Can’t Win for Winning - Truthdig: "Yet no good Obama deed goes unpunished. In the midst of the bracing news, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham issued a statement saying, well, too bad that Obama got it wrong."

The hopeless twins.

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Now the GOP wants to make water undrinkable

Gardner: EPA should back off, let Colorado manage water quality | The Washington Independent: "The White House in July said that it “strongly opposes” the law because it would “roll back the key provisions of the CWA (Clean Water Act) that have been the underpinning of 40 years of progress in making the nation’s waters fishable, swimmable, and drinkable.” Aides said they would urge President Barack Obama to veto the provision should it be approved by the Senate."

'via Blog this'

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Biden in Mongolia (Video)

VP in Asia: Highlights from Mongolia | The White House: "ite House Blog"

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I thinks it's more that Nancy fell for Rubio appalled at Bush 3

Nancy Reagan falls and is caught by Marco Rubio | The Ticket - Yahoo! News: "Nancy Reagan, 90, and Marco Rubio were walking down the aisle Tuesday during an event at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California when Reagan fell, only to be caught by the Republican senator from Florida."

All I can think of is Nancy is so appalled at the GOP field that she wants Rubio to run and is willing to stage the one thing that might create the vault needed. It is an interesting idea.

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It's because the jobless have a mind

How To Build a People’s Movement by Seth Borgos — YES! Magazine: "The most immediate explanation is that there has been no mass protest by the jobless. Since the beginning of the recession, none of the pillars of the progressive community—organized labor, community organizations, civil rights groups, youth and student groups—have invested deeply in organizing the unemployed. Some online jobless networks have emerged, particularly around the extension of unemployment benefits, but they’ve acquired little focus, mass, or momentum."

The jobless are smart enough to uderstand that the scale and priorities are so askew that jobs are a lost cause without minds that can get around terms like car free, well beyond oil, eco-sustainable, new communities, cyber cities. Not to mention abolition of factory schools and recalibration of professionalism. Oh and the abolition of sprawl. We are playing make believe today. Listen to the talk. We are driving toward the cliff. Lear's cliff.

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Two wrongs and a right

Yglesias | ThinkProgress: "If you ignore the fact that building a nationwide true high-speed rail network would cost $1 trillion, then building a nationwide true high-speed rail network would be really cheap. In much the same spirit, Michael Barone argues that intercity buses are a better bet than passenger rail. “The cost to taxpayers is minimal” he assures us, because “[c]ity streets and interstate highways already exist.”"

What is needed is not the present network. A new network in which qualified communities have at least 10,000 people living in an eco-sufficient, safe and car-free environment. Collapse rural into such nodes. Then transportation will take care of itself and will be neither hsr or clunky bus. More likely pneumatic.

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Kinky Friedman mirrors the progressives and reveals a good deal in the bargain

Kinky Friedman: Rick Perry’s Got My Vote - The Daily Beast:

I would advise David Plouffe to give this some study. The meat is - be for Perry because of what Obama is not.

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God is not in the real estate business Glenn

Glenn Beck’s Restoring Courage Tour Attacks Israel’s Critics - The Daily Beast: "There was only space for about 1,000 people at the site of Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Courage” rally near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, and so the overflow watched it on a giant screen set up in Safra Square. By 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, a half hour before it started, most of the 2,000 seats were taken. A pre-show featured scenes from viewing parties all over the world, and at one point, it cut to South Carolina state Rep. Alan Clemmons, who recently succeeded in passing a state resolution claiming that because God deeded Israel to the Jews, there is no occupation of the West Bank."

It's beneath his pay grade.

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You don't need a weatherman

Zoo Animals Predicted Earthquake - The Daily Beast: "No people saw Tuesday’s Virginia earthquake coming, but zoo animals are different: The National Zoo documented strange behavior in several of its animals in the minutes before the earthquake struck. "

I love it.

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Obama would do better to bulldoze the sprawl

Obama May Propose Mortgage Plan - The Daily Beast: "President Obama may propose a plan to allow homeowners with government-backed mortgages to refinance at today’s lower interest rates of about 4 percent. The move could save homeowners as much as $85 billion each year and would free up money that they could then spend elsewhere. Homes with government-back mortgages lost 5.9 percent of their value in the second quarter—the steepest drop since 2009. "

The next step would be to make a new business of creating new car free communities dense enough in population to enable creation of viable local economies. The refinance approach is just a sort of elongated cool aid thing.

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So we already knew Romney was doomed

Perry Surges in Polls, Testing Romney's Strategy - NYTimes.com: "Mr. Perry’s results are yet more impressive if you account for his name recognition — which although increasing very rapidly remains behind that of Mr. Romney and some of the other Republican contenders. About two-thirds of Republican voters now recognize Mr. Perry’s name, which means that almost 4 in 10 who do recognize him have him as their first choice, roughly double the fraction for Mr. Romney."

And Perry Bush 3 is too. Bad money will out. Texas is a joke when you try to translate its alleged success to the nation as a whole. Texas is the locus of the jaws of hell. I love the state. But it has a criminal undertow that remains formidable, frightening and dominant. If not Grant Park 2, doom.

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Gaddafi it looks like a communal suicide thing

Libya Live - Telegraph: "Gaddafi"

Sort of a Jonestown die with dignity ending. Such deaths always end up banal and messy. But they also reveal the extent of one's miring in self-entrapment.

Irene's ferocity is building big time

Coastal Carolina evacuates as Irene nears U.S. - CNN.com:

Cat 4 en route. Central Atlantic Saturday. But who knows? She seems to have some intent.

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The ascription of power is a reflection of values

Tim Cook Takes Over From Steve Jobs: Who Is Apple’s New CEO? - The Daily Beast: "With the resignation of Steve Jobs, Apple’s new CEO is Tim Cook, about whom little is known. What is the Alabama-born former COO like? The Daily Beast looks at what the Internet is saying."

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The tech company that moves to infrastructure will be the real winner

Apple After Steve Jobs’s Resignation: Is the Company Doomed? - The Daily Beast: "Now that CEO Steve Jobs has resigned, can the world’s most powerful consumer technology company stay on top without its architect? Zachary Karabell on why you shouldn't count Apple out."

And the best thing Steve did was to at least begin thinking about what a future structure for common endeavor might look like. Micro-focus is the worst sort of escapism if it does not move to the actual structures that we occupy and the ways we travel.

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How many of them lasted for more than a second?

Facebook Hits 1,000,000,000,000 Page Views | LinkedIn: "Facebook Hits 1,000,000,000,000 Page Views ishtihari.com
That reaches the figure of about one trillion. Coming to the stats, Google's DoubleClick Ad Planner states that Facebook has got more than 870 million unique users. These figures certainly make it the leading web portals when it comes to broad reach of Internet users"

Next we'll be calculating the number of times a we breathe every day and how this compares with the stats in the jogging community.

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"The word 'science' had taken on a talismanic significance"


What if They Had a Science War and Only One Side Showed Up? - The Chronicle Review - The Chronicle of Higher Education: "Within a few days, the executive board began receiving angry e-mails from self-identified scientific anthropologists who were irate about dropping the word "science" from the long-range plan. Some announced that they would be resigning from the association. Most had not seen the "What Is Anthropology?" statement, with its reference to science, and they were not mollified by protestations that science was implied by the new long-range plan's references to archaeology and biological anthropology. The word "science" had taken on a talismanic significance, and our critics wanted to see it in the long-range plan."

Into the thickets of academic self-images. I thought I had left anthropology when I despaired of (much of) the Girard group I was in.


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All about physics

APS Physics | APS Home:

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Daniel Kleinman examines the corporate grip on the university

Daniel Kleinman | Community and Environmental Sociology: " I argue that in understanding the character of the university in the age of the new knowledge economy it is a mistake to focus on formal university-industry relations and egregious violations of academic norms. Instead, we need to understand the informal and indirect effects of the culture of commerce on the daily practices of academic science."

Kleinman's site is the link above.

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The late Joseph Ransdell applies C. S. Peirce to matters of science and communication

Joseph Ransdell, "Sciences as Communicational Communities" at ARISBE: THE PEIRCE GATEWAY: " People in the hard sciences have become increasingly concerned in recent years with challenges to their research autonomy from within academia itself, arising largely from the social sciences and humanities. An opinion paper in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Sept 29, 1995) by a sociologist especially concerned with research priorities, Daniel Lee Kleinman, indicates that the concern is justified. Kleinman argues there that it is inappropriate for the sciences in a democratic society to object to allowing nonscientists to have a substantial role in making decisions about research methods employed, about how research is regulated, and about what problems are given priority."

Much more at the link above

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