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Abba's Way Is Based Upon Values

Abba's way is based upon values
Values rise within each living soul
Tolerance help love democracy
Know and will them become whole

All You May Not Want to Know About Self Help on a Single Page

Timothy Ferriss, Silicon Valley’s Self-Help Guru : The New Yorker:

Anything that combines self with help is on the verge of articulating some very shoddy values.

Helpfulness, democracy, love and tolerance work for everyone and cost nothing.

Love may be interpreted as the First Commandment - to literally have no gods at all save the one Jesus called Abba.

Windows on The Bible: Sixty Four Two Different Worlds

Windows on The Bible: Sixty Four Two Different Worlds: "We are faithful to Scripture when we say the evidence points to justice as key in Abba's realm. And for wealthy Americans to be told that their wealth is a sign of salvation, while their neighbors perish, is not Scriptural but self-serving. Hard words, but true."

I've created a new blog for Windows on the Bible. Please visit the full post at the link above.

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Beyond Pattern Language: Cyber-cities evolve from ecumenopolis and pattern language

Pattern language is too diffuse a term these days to be of much use  It  was originally way of looking at building things naturally with human beings in mind. Today that the demands of commerce trump pattern language as originally promulgated
Now opposed to this person-ignoring commerce is the idea of the cyber-city
The cyber-city is a cluster of cyber-communities A cyber-community is an intentional gathering pf persons who want  to have all elements of a city within walking distance A cyber-community is up to 10,000 persons living and working and being educated and healed within a square mile on no more than four levels
A cyber-city is a cluster of some ten cyber-communities
Cyber-cities are the human units of the global ecumenpolis
Out of the original pattern language and ecumenopolis the cyber city evolves
Ecumenopolis was the term used by the late C. A. Doxiadis to denote the coming urbanized world 
Today there is a confusion about what a city is  People still believe that cities…

Play celebrates our lives. Was Jesus ever completely serious?

Play is Abba's Way. Play is Being Playful. That's OK - Associated Content from Yahoo! - "Play celebrates our lives. Was Jesus ever completely serious? Somber artists say so. We need the Jesus of play more. Play is for children. Jesus said we need to become as children. When children play, Jesus is among them."

There's more at the link above.

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Not so fast - behind neocons lie the corporations and big oil

9/11’s 10th Anniversary: The Death of Neoconservatism - The Daily Beast: "Fukuyama explained that he was a “Marxist”: he believed that democracy would spread organically because it fit people’s deepest yearnings. The neocons, by contrast, were “Leninists:” they believed that the American military needed to give history a push. Today the matter is settled. The neocons were wrong and Fukuyama was right."

Francis is no doubt right simply because democracy is an ontological value which functions under the umbrella of the root or core value of non-idolatry. So democracy was always destined to triumph to the extent people chose it as billions will do in this century. But the Veblenian critique has been curiously absent from all the end of history brouhaha and we owe it to Neitzsche's evocation of the blinking herd to remind everyone that where there is a blinking herd there are corporations and their incessant advertisements for themselves. The seminal conflict in today's w…

Ai Weiwei is a prophet for the ages and for all

Ai Weiwei on Beijing's Nightmare City - The Daily Beast: "To properly design Beijing, you’d have to let the city have space for different interests, so that people can coexist, so that there is a full body to society. A city is a place that can offer maximum freedom. Otherwise it’s incomplete."

Ai Weiwei risks with every word he writes. But his soul bursts with freedom and he is therefore a light that illumines the sleeping freedom within everyone in China. Thus it is merely a matter of time, a shorter time than many realize, that the government that imposes this conformity and this slavery will be toppled by the mass action of the people. The democratic revolution is now inexorable. This century demands it. Imperfect, flawed, marked with the same shortcomings we have always had, we shall prevail because the one freedom that cannot be denied is the right to choose the values by which we are willing to live and die. The highest of these is non-idolatry and its active co…

We frame the narrative aka the news according to the narrowness of our view and our impulse to conform

The narrowness of our view depends on our values The better the values in most cases the wider the view Our impulse to conform depends on our tensile strength That is not physical strength but more a mental state whose sign is iconoclasm The more we do not cleave to idols and graven images The more we avoid conformity History favors nonconfomists who have a very broad view This should explain why the narrowness of news is hardly new

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A little perspective on the hurricane deaths

Crash! Boom! 3,000 people die in car accidents daily
"1) Every day more people are killed in auto related deaths than in the 9/11 attacks on America.
2) Every day, about 3 times more woman, children, and men are killed in auto related deaths than in the recent Gaza conflict.
3) Every day, more than twice as many people perish in auto deaths than in Hurricane Katrina.
4) The daily toll from traffic accidents is equivalent to 15 plane crashes, each with 200 passengers aboard."
These are global figures and they are not going to go down until we wise up

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Loss is in the eye of the beholder

Cleaning Up After Irene: $7 Billion in Damage - ABC News: "It's time to clean up Irene. The hurricane's destructive path through 10 East Coast states left an estimated $7 billion to $13 billion of damage in its wake -- without even accounting for economic losses."

This is the mantra of those who see these events as necessary evils rather than a summons to evolve to a point where such weather will be a pleasure to avoid rather than an occasion for a national emergency, especially since such events are becoming seasonal. I hear chickens. I hear roosters.

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Building and water

Hurricane Irene: Report Card on Mayor Bloomberg, Chris Christie, More Pols - The Daily Beast:

The low level buildings and building by water invites flooding
It is unreasonable It could enhance the life of all to think car free and community
And create economically viable gatherings of us We have a marvellous interstate system that is generally at levels
High enough to escape the worst flooding We should build car free cyber-cities along these interstates With every attribute of a city We should link these with an evolution of the bus that is pleasant
And serves coffee and such We should concentrate on building a much smarter world
That might revive us economically globally 
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Dealing with a plethora of information is hardly new

The cave folk of Lascaux were no less hobbled than we with the plethora of information out thereOur brains are used at miniscule percentagesGeniuses are people afflicted with the bug of universalityThey connect everything they see because they believe it is connectedWe do not know that exactlyWe could slough off what does not work for example and be better off perhapsThe whole argument about real and virtual is also a red herringWhat hits back when you hit it is what is realThe rest is perceptionPeirce appeals to me because he allows for impressions to be seen as signs  And he suggests that signs bump up against one thing and anotherAnd that when we connect the sign and the bump we move toward a habitHabits are the hypotheses we test until we know if they work or not
We can rest easy amid the plethora with two salient thoughtsGod does not play diceTrue but that does not obviate chance and wiggles in the sphere of things We live in an evolving reality Dogmatism is anything and everythin…